Meanwhile, In Galway



Eurovision Live (RTÉ)

Ed Sheerhan’s Tour Reaches Galway (irish Times)

Pic: Miles Kennedy

Thanks Ciaran Tierney

7 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Galway

        1. Clampers Outside!

          It’s directly across the road from the stadium… less than a hundred yards left of the stage on one end of the single road leading to the entrance… it’ll be more than a tad noisey, they could be grumpy about it, kinda like yoursel’ in fairness

          1. Ron

            Why would they be grumpy when they choose to live beside a stadium that has concerts and plays loud music?

        2. Janet, I ate my Avatar

          people ?
          yeah possibly
          people extract craic from the strangest sources, ( example Broadsheet ;) )
          what’s your idea of craic in three words ?
          top 3….go !

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