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Port Geal by Thatchers Of The Acropolis, what sez:

The name Port Geal means Bright Tune or, if you’re feeling that way inclined, Bright Harbour. The track is a mix of electronica, rock and sean-nós and was inspired by the song Gille Mear made famous by Ó Riada’s Cór Chúil Aodha from Cork.

Thatchers Of The Acropolis play Mindfield at this year’s Electric Picnic

Thatchers Of The Acropolis on Spotify

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4 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. insert ridiculous internet pseudonym here

    Wow they’ve got a hit on their hands! No, not really.

    1. Tony

      Mean. If you don’t like it don’t comment.
      I thought it was a bit mad but really liked it by the end.

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