9 thoughts on “Tony Hawk At 50

  1. johnny

    great sportsman,role model and hell of a skater,he’s done tremendous work with his foundation in inner cities.

    -588 skatepark projects in the U.S. have received funding from the Tony Hawk Foundation.
    -$5.8-million has been awarded by the Tony Hawk Foundation to help create public skateparks.
    -the Tony Hawk Foundation offers grants to help finance public skateparks in low-income communities.


      1. Frilly Keane

        can’t remember

        hey was I really 50?

        eh, you wouldn’t want’ta mind me half the time……

    1. johnny

      I’ve probably got more enjoyment out of my old Tony Hawk BMX,than Magnier did from flipping that nude tax free,wasn’t it Picasso that stated all art is theft,perhaps he meant speculating in it…..

        1. johnny

          it has the rear pegs and all,so i’m not the only one getting the ride,speaking off trips down memory lane….

          and i didn’t have buy a passport to get one,looks like the irish media doing a great job whitewashing Magnier’s murky past-i will just put this up before the canonization.

          oh happy b’day Tony and keep landing on both feet :)

          “John Magnier was the single largest shareholder in a company which benefited from a £4m investment from the controversial ‘passports for investment’ scheme in 1990. The granting of 11 passports to Sheik Maffouz and his family in December 1990 was made in highly unusual circumstances and, apparently, in breach of statutory regulations.

          A subsequent Department of Justice investigation found that the 11 passports were handed over to the Shiek, a day before the official certificates were signed by the Minister for Justice, Ray Burke. This was in breach of regulations. The passports were handed over personally by Mr Haughey, over lunch in Kinsealy.”


  2. Junkface

    Ah..half pipe Skateboarding. I remember the injuries well, especially shins and knees. Yikes!
    Fair balls to Tony Hawk, an unbelievable pro. Still able to do amazing things at 50! Legend

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