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Skate legend and feisty quinquagenarian Tony Hawk talks about his inspiration and performs 50 of the tricks he either created or perfected over the course of his professional career.

Closed captions on for dates and trick names.



Jumpy the border collie, owned by Omar von Muller of Miami Off Leash dog training school.

Look at your dog. Now back to Jumpy. Now back at your dog. Now back to Jumpy.

Sadly, your dog is not Jumpy.

Want more Jumpy?


You’ve seen any number of fail compilations featuring skaters totaling themselves on massive drop-ins and slamming crotch-first onto rails. Well this is the opposite of all that.

Skateboarder Aaron “Jaws” Homoki’s demo reel for the 2012 X Games Real Street competition.

It’s hard to believe the guy has a gram of cartilage left in his joints.


New Jersey BMX maestro Geoff Slattery does his occasionally terrifying thing.

Channel4Down sez:

The first 10 seconds of this video part features one of the scariest things I have ever witnessed attempted on a bike (bonus info, he tried this, with the same outcome, twice in a row)

(Thanks Mark Geary)

Concrete Circus – last night’s urban sports documentary on Channel 4 – while overly long, slightly up itself and ironically lacking in momentum (according to some crits) – had one spectacular redeeming feature. Stu Thomson’s short film of Scottish street trials rider Danny MacAskill tearing up a disused railway yard.

A thing of beauty.