82 thoughts on “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

  1. Braaap

    “forced to do it because they can’t get their message across.”

    Very funny these ignorant folk talk about being forced…

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    No what? Grazing on Ben Bulben? Forestry on Ben Bulben?

    Be More Pacific!!!

    1. newsjustin

      Yeah. It’s either abortion on demand, abortion up to 6 months, removal of any human rights in the constitution for unborn foetuses….or No No No No No No No There’s no limit…..

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        Mad for RUINING songs today aren’t you? I’ll get you for this *shakes fist*

        On a side note, we may have taught this to mini meadowlark when she was in her tender ‘NO!’ years. It was hilarious and effective.

        1. scottser

          scottser’s top daddy tip of the day:
          my four year old has been watching the original willy wonka’s chocolate factory. and when she starts on the ‘i want, i want’, i just pick her up and say ‘i want an oompa-loompa NOW daddy’ and we both shout out ‘can it you nit’. then she gets distracted and does something else.

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            That is a wonderful, wonderful story and it has brightened my day considerably.

          2. Frill the 8th

            Light weight stuff Scottie

            I love you,
            You love me,
            We’re a great big family,
            With a great big hug …

            That should do it
            Let us know how ya shift that noddymulch out’ve yer head

      2. Ron Dolan

        How about little Iona Institute catechism books for some and abortion on demand for others?

      1. chimpy

        Postman, you are the kind of person on the yes side that would talk a person into voting no.

  3. Murtles

    Tommy was on Ocean FM saying there was 20 men up since 4am making the sign because “the mountain is crying out…”

    And there was women there too “making the tay and sandwiches”.

    Nuff said.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Normally, I’d say yes, but a plastic cladding fire would destroy the delicate, flourishing ecology up there.

  4. Not On Your Nelly

    I know it’s against the online consensus… and I will be voting yes but it would be very funny if no wins. Depressing and sad and bad but the hipster bandwagon of social media narcissism is something that makes my skin crawl.

    I’m voting yes, I would always vote yes but the thought of no winning…

    1. BobbyJ

      Not much of a Yes supporter if you would be highly amused by a No victory

      “Continual denial of basic healthcare rights for women, ah well, at least the hipsters got a bloody nose, ha ha ha!”

        1. george

          “Ha ha ha, those snowflakes are going to be denied their human rights. It’s hilarious. No, I don’t hate women. Why do you ask?”

          1. Not On Your Nelly

            You have used the term “snowflake”, sorry. Your comment has been dismissed as online Americanisms. And also terribly embarrassing. Sorry. God bless.

          2. Nigel

            Which is ironic because your own comment reeks of US culture-war generational resentment. They’re out there on the front line pushing against all the social, political and institutional inertia keeping the 8th in place and all you can do is begrudge them doing the right thing?

            There’s a lot of this about and it’s seriously weird and messed up. I’m glad you’re voting yes, but if we lose people like you will blame the volunteers who thanklessly beat themselves bloody against the brick wall of Irish conservatism, but the real thing that will lose it is the possibility of this strange attitude driving people to vote no to pwn the hipsters or something

          3. Not On Your Nelly

            It’s ok Nigel. I don’t really care. I’m voting Yes. I’m only musing at the yes online desperation for clicks and likes and attention. It’s embarrassing. And depressing. And will not convert anyone. It will probably turn people into no voters. And I don’t even own a multicolored repeal jumper. My peer group won’t be impressed. All those retweets are like dust in the winds…

          4. Nigel

            The ‘I’ll vote Yes but only after reassuring myself by expressing a measure of loathing at the people actually running the campaign’ demographic is far more annoying than the ‘No’ demographic.

          5. Not On Your Nelly

            Yes Nigel, I’m wrong and you are right. Is that better?

            You utter clown.

          6. Nigel

            Oh darn I hope you’re not fickle I was supposed to flatter your ego not challenge you. Vote Yes Even Though You’re Definitely Better Than The Average Yes Voter! Down With Clicks And Memes!

    2. Spud

      This is what I’m genuinely afraid of, and I hate any cocky Yes voter down playing the No side.
      (Yes voter btw)

    3. Alors

      This is just what my friends who voted Leave in Britain said.

      Boy did they get a shock when they realised what they’d just voted themselves into, and out of.

      Careful what you wish for, Nelly.

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        Excuse me. I’m in the “guys” category.
        I know. “Come on, guys”, I say to my family like a right SoCoDu knob. BabyAndy says it now too. We need to move out of Dublin.

    1. Gorev Mahagut

      A young poet, beyond in Sligo
      Once said to a horseman “You know,
      You should cast a cold eye
      on life, but pass by
      on death, so ye should. Cheerio!”

  5. J Dizzle

    Well considering its OK for the Yes side to have lovely murals up with love hearts, what’s the difference? And both sides have done some stupid stunts. I’m no to abortion for no medical reason, I see there is some middle ground, but this referendum doesn’t allow for that.

    1. Repro-choice Bertie

      The future legislation could but there can be no legislation without Repeal.

      1. J Dizzle

        The future legislation will allow for abortion on demand. That’s the part I can’t vote for. I think the yes will win, and we’ll see what the numbers are.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          So your objection is to the sex? If a woman has an enjoyable experience where the contraception failed, no abortion, but if she’s raped, then it’s okay.

          1. J Dizzle

            @daisy Where in my post do I say anything about the sex? Or abortion for rape? You’re presuming what I had referred to. And you’re really stretching it, plastic cladding that will be removed in 10 days damaging the vegetation? I could say the amount of solvents released into the atmosphere spraying the lovely rainbows and love hearts the yes side love to spray on buildings, but I wouldn’t, because that would be retarded.

          2. Nullzero

            Daisy, you are jumping the fence big time here. According to the Yes side abortion is proposed to be introduced in this country for the implicit needs of people in dire situations, not as a form of contraception. You are putting words in people’s mouths to suit your own agenda and to my mind you are appropriating an issue that is meant to protect vulnerable people into your own wider worldview, which if as evidenced by your posting here would appear to be a worryingly sexist and contrary one. Should a No vote be passed next week individuals such as yourself who have reduced the issue at hand to a means of petty point scoring and one upmanship will have to be held to account for your own behavior. The major problem in this referendum has been the complete inability for people such as yourself to empathize with people on the other side, once somebody disagrees with you they are automatically stripped on the right to have an opinion and are labeled as morally and intellectually inferior. This is a pathetic and infantile approach to take and its about time somebody called you out on it you insufferable cretin.

        2. Repro-choice Bertie

          The future legislation can be amended. The future legislation can be completely and utterly changed by future governments. But if we don’t repeal there is no future legislation and there will be no safe access to abortion for medical reasons or anything else.

        3. scottser

          don’t think of it as ‘abortion on demand’ then. think of it as ‘medical care upon request’. that’s better, isn’t it?

          1. J Dizzle

            These stupid sly digs, where do they get us? Everyone I mention I’m voting No, I get people trying to explain why I’m Wrong…. And please don’t write back saying I am wrong. Its my opinion, its a matter of choice on how to vote. Even if I’m taking the choice w away for someone else to have an abortion, I’m happy with that.

          2. EH

            It’s a vote on taking it out of the constitution so we can address the so-called hard cases humanely, like civilized adult humans who sometimes have to make difficult choices. We ate doing so our Mams, sisters, friends, and so on, never have to have their lives put in danger. It’s showing them compassion, lettinv them know we care. It is also, and I understand this is where it’s a leap of faith, to allow us, as a people, to figure out where we stand on abortion outside of the so-called hard cases.
            If we don’t repeal, we gain neither of those things and we continue to not notice the huge pain and suffering this ban causes. I really hope you can see it like this and that you’ll make the humane decision for our fuppin brilliant girls and women. I really, really do.

          3. SOQ

            Here is a thought. GIven that the doctors have now outed themselves as not being able to agree on what in practice the 8th actually means, is it not reasonable to assume that women will be comparing the treatments they have received?

            There is at the very least a potential for legal cases against the HSE.

      1. Spud

        Ah will ya stahp.
        Just coz they got their before the ‘Yes’ gang and got the publicity.
        Simple and effective.

        (I’m voting Yes btw)

      2. Ron Dolan

        :( Worra about de potential babbies:?

        Won’t someone think of the potential babbies?


      3. rotide

        Oh will you ever give up with the double standards Daisy.

        You were one of the very ones cheering on the repeal mural on the cliff in waterford, this is no different.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          On a bit of rock in Waterford. No damage is done to the greenery by painting on a rock. And just so you can unclench the pearls a bit, the antis regularly head up there and paint on it too.

          1. newsjustin

            “Don’t hurt the greenery but belt away with the ending of the lives of human foetuses.”

      4. realPolithicks

        Can I just make the observation that if you feel the need to include (I’m voting Yes btw) or some variant in your comment then you should probably rethink whether or not you should comment at all.

    2. george

      The referendum allows for future legislation to be introduced and also to be changed over time by the current and successive governments. The amendment prevents any change probably for another 20 years if there is a no vote.

      1. Bob

        I think it will pass but do you really sincerely believe a No vote means another 20 years of our totally trustworthy politicians avoiding the issue? I’d give it 5 tops.

  6. Karina

    Well said Nullzero, she’s not doing Pro-Choice any favours at all with that attitude

    1. J Dizzle

      I have yet to try make anyone change their opinion, or belittle the yes side as I understand they feel we should trust women to have to the power to have abortions buy not use it. The sad case is that perfectly healthy children will be aborted for many reasons from it not being the right time to I can’t afford it. Neither of which in my opinion is good enough to kill a faetus. The sad reality is this will happen if the 8th is removed, I can’t vote yes knowing this will happen. At what point does the fetus pass the mark of it now being too far gone to abort it in your eyes? Abortions happen in the UK at 24 weeks, at that point its a baby, and to abort it they have to cut it up inside the mother before they remove it, that’s the truth and the reality and I cannot say that as a society that if we allow that, it’s progress.

  7. Karina

    J Dizzle, I’m voting no. Daisy’s brash reasoning and others like her have banished any fence-sitting.

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