41 thoughts on “White Lies

  1. b

    How come they’re all women too, where’s the equality in that?

    tackling the real issues here

    1. Rob_G

      All of the images of fetuses that already have their eyes open and that can wave and smile and yawn and do maths all seem to be white also – a disgrace!

  2. Ina

    No surprise. The Irish can be very racist. Remember the 27th Amendment to the Constitution? Highest yes vote ever. And that was a vote to keep Ireland white.

    1. Rob_G

      Strange, I thought that it was a vote to stop people taking advantage of our asylum system.

  3. moral_judgement

    Because Ireland isn’t America, and doesn’t have exactly the same political problems. Non-white women make up 3.75% of Ireland’s population, as compared with 15% in America. While Black and Asian minorities in America are rightly concerned about a lack of political or social representation proportionate to their contribution to society, Ireland is a different country with different populations that lack a political voice. In terms of minorities facing lack of representation, Irish people of the left should perhaps be a tad more focused on traveler women. Three out of three women being white is pretty typical for Ireland, even Dublin.

    1. Joe Small

      If the campaigns were to use a non-white woman’s image, it would probably be more accurate to use a Hispanic or Asian woman’s image, based on population numbers.

  4. Joe Small

    We may be multicultural but most of our immigrants are white. I’d imagine Ireland is still over 95% white. At least people don’t stare at black people on the streets like they used to in the 80s.

    1. LeopoldGloom

      Plus what percentage of the registered electorate that are eligible to vote are white? I’d wager it’s higher still due to some citizenship restrictions

  5. postmanpat

    Quick. Both sides must put up even more posters featuring every possible ethnicity. Otherwise one team can score last minute race points against the other. More posters to block out the sun for the next week and when the referendum is over all the single use plastic posters can be set free to blow around the streets and end up in all the river and streams across the country. Who cares about the environment as long as your not seen as a racist? Go humans!!

  6. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    I was thinking about the Rosa posters this morning. I think they’re just aimed at themselves. If the aim, which it should be, is to win over the undecided then surely they can’t think this attitude will be the way to sway them?
    Have I got this arseways?

    1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

      Thought that myself
      They are preaching to the converted with their use of imagery

    2. Rob_G

      ROSA seems to be mainly a mechanism to raise the Socialist Party’s profile (while at the same time being very careful not to refer to it as ‘The Socialist Party’).

    3. Joe Small

      Go on, tweet Rosa and ask them why they didn’t use a fit burd for their posters, I dare ya!

  7. ahjayzis

    Ireland is not America. We can’t just lazily adopt their culture wars.

    We do need more immigrant representation in our society – in the Dáil for instance. But this kind of argument, when not made in America or similar, is just tokenism, not a redressing of historical whitewashing.

  8. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    On the radio, each time someone with a funny accent is interviewed over the 8th, they are without fail expected to confirm that they are living in Ireland and/or are Irish, citing any back-story. This to dispel any notion that they have just parachuted in to interfere with our referendum.

    It would be the same with faces on posters – you’d almost have to include a subtext explaining the provenance of anyone who doesn’t look like their granny is from Mayo. Posters taking that long to read don’t get read.

  9. theBabyStBrighidBlessedthatWentAway

    Personally I think we should have a few more red-heads

    And a few more talifornia style women, + a few trustafarian types, and emo or goth woman as well.
    And also, perhaps both sides are sizeist too? all the women are thin.

    And Ageist – no v young women?

    Just saying

    Speaking of posters:
    haha someone got there before me

    I was going to shop a gun into the unknown foetus’s hands…

    I mean, we really want wimmen to give birth to lots of James Bonds, right?

  10. george

    Ireland is 92.4% white according to the last census with an additional 2.6% who did not specifiy. Leaves just 5% and a large portion of them cannot vote in Ireland. So the actual percentage of non-white people in Ireland is quite small. What percentage of posters should feature people of colour? There are 3 pictured here.

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