48 thoughts on “For Your Consideration

  1. Martin

    So much wrong with this video and that’s only the first bit I’ve bothered to watch.

    -Claims the debate had no politicians…. Leader of SF was there
    -refers to Leo as prime minister… Wtf?

    This type of video does the yes side a great benefit.

    1. ahjayzis

      People often refer to the Taoiseach as the prime minister to emphasise a point about how *A* prime minister in any other country would etc. etc. or to make it clear he’s on par with the likes of Theresa May, not some devolved role like First Minister or ceremonial role like president etc.

      It puts the title into context a bit more I find.

  2. Fred

    Who’s the guy recording him? Is this a piss take or an actual thing? Is there a Christian Jobs Party?

  3. TheRealJane

    I like the prominent placement of his crucifix and notes which he shuffles but never refers to.

  4. garthicus

    Some quotes/observations as I listen along (decided to keep going)

    “nobody forces anybody”

    “the law should never facilitate people that want to kill the innocent child in the womb for whatever reason”

    (Savita) “that lady died from sepsis poisoning…. there’s a picture of her there like it’s our fault.. this is the sort of slight of hand they use”

    Complains that the large newspapers would not publish his letters, thanks ‘The Westmeath Examiner’ and ‘The Meath Chronicle’ for publishing

    Mentions quite a few times that the yes side never mentions the word abortion in any literature or debate.

    “women’s health is bandied about on their posters… trust women, our bodies, our choice.. this is the sort of phrases they use..this is the sort of nonsense they come out with”

    “the next thing on the agenda will be euthanasia, you’ll just take a pill or something”

    “don’t give this yes crowd any credit for their dreadful campaign to eliminate innocent children”

      1. Truthful Ulsterman

        What is that Gammon thing? I know it is something but don’t know what it is.

        1. scottser

          is it related to the ‘he’s a head like a boiled ham’ comment, reserved for folks who are mid-conniption?

        2. Karina

          Ulsterman, its a term used to describe pink/red faced middle aged men who know it all, apparently.

  5. kay

    middle and old age people have realy fked this place up with the slavish following of the church and state. worst still they will defend it until there dying day.

    1. Truthful Ulsterman

      Middle aged people BY DEFINITION are the people who BROKE the power of the RCC in the Republic of Ireland.

      1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

        No I’d say it was brave Jewish journalists in the States who started the wildfire of uncovering abuse by the CC, followed by similar brave abuse victims here

      2. Repro-choice Bertie

        I just checked and the definition of “Middle aged people” has nothing to do with breaking the power of the RCC in the Republic of Ireland.

  6. Repro-choice Bertie

    The way he says Dr. Boylan’s name at the start makes me think he may not like him.

    1. Operatick

      …and when he really doesn’t like some group or other, they’re referred to as a ‘crowd’.

  7. Truthful Ulsterman

    Thank you broadsheet. I wish John and his cameraman good health and assure them that there is a keen audience for their videos.

  8. italia'90

    …the yes side, they FUPP IT! loved that part.
    Could only last for 5 minutes
    …the missus would be impressed ;)

  9. Pat-the-barker

    Move over gramps, we’re nearly done straightening our the society your generation reluctantly handed over to us

  10. realPolithicks

    This is the real face of the anti choicers, old school women hating catlic aul fellas. Vote YES.

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