‘Sgt McCabe Was Proved To Be Correct’


From top: Maurice McCabe and Former Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan at Dublin Castle this afternoon

This afternoon.

At the Disclosures Tribunal in Dublin Castle.

Former Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan gave evidence before Supreme Court judge Peter Charleton who is examining allegations of a smear campaign against Garda whistleblower Sgt Maurice McCabe.

Mr Callinan said Sgt McCabe was right to report his allegations of wrongdoing and that he was “proved to be correct on quite a large amount of the issues that he has raised” before adding “and we know the criticism in relation to other matters”.

Mr Callinan also said that he would be the first to acknowledge that Sgt McCabe “has identified and did identify weaknesses in my system”.

Earlier: Meanwhile At The Disclosures Tribunal


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10 thoughts on “‘Sgt McCabe Was Proved To Be Correct’

    1. John f

      Sadly it’s likely that no one will.
      Now if any of them had not paid their TV licence……

      1. John f

        By the way fair play to Olga for listening to, analysing and tweeting about all this.

  1. Dr.Fart MD

    was reading other rubbish he said today in the journal. saying taylor had it in for o’sullivan, covering his arse, and denying he put out the call for a smear campaign. these are things we know to be lies .. why. are. people. with. impunity. ??? whats the point of these hearings, tribunals etc. if they can just lie? nothing will happen to him or o’sullivan, even though they tried to destroy a mans life and broke the law mutpile times.

  2. Hansel

    Absolutely everybody but Callinan is lying about what he said and did. What a magnificent conspiracy.

    “I can recall absolutely nothing until you produce proof/evidence”.
    At what point does this become perjury?

    I hope he’s locked up: to me, he’s a textbook example of corruption.

  3. Topsy

    Everyone it seems, except Callinan, is telling lies. He’s the disgusting one not Maurice McCabe.
    When the report is finally written no untruths, or in plain speak lies, will be attributed to anyone who gave evidence. The chairperson will simply write that one version is preferable to another.
    Ultimately like all previous tribunals & enquiries nothing will come of any of this.
    One outcome of course is that the public will see once again the underbelly of a malignant state body exposed.

  4. anne

    smarmy *&$/

    He was right was he? He was proven correct was he?

    After all the lies, the smears, the trying to destroy the man with the worst you could make up about a man…

    What a weasle.

    We’re looking at a psychopath there IMO. A very dangerous individual.. disgusting wouldn’t begin to describe him.

    It’s actually scary sh*t that these types (those with no conscience) rise to the top & get away with what they do.

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