31 thoughts on “Was It For This?

    1. Neilo

      Willie Nelson held the Mendicity Institute while Sean ‘Matt’ Heuston held the Mendocino County Line.

  1. SOQ

    I’d be more concerned that they are trying to squeeze the other sandwich shops in Heuston out by regularly selling sandwiches for €1 – €1,50.

        1. SOQ

          Yeah they never taste fresh. I think M & S is over hyped anyways. Let’s put it this way, whoever writes their wine reviews was let loose on the food too because it’s the same flowery language which means frig all. A certain irony in that they were the first retailer to introduce a plastic bag tax in the UK when their products are so over packaged of course.

  2. Shayna

    Ah now! I had the unfortunate shift on SkyNews on the royal wedding of Edward (not to Mrs. Simpson). I’m not that old. Good luck to the pair of them, she seems good, also a Catholic, which may, or not be good. Harry seems a good sort.

    1. The Old Boy

      She’s not a Catholic – she received the sacrament of baptism in the Church of England a few months back, and Anglican churches never re-baptise Catholics, as they consider the Catholic iteration to be valid.

    2. italia'90

      As a descendant of The O’Neill, thru Alice O’Neill(Married off to William Longshanks’ cousin – Family name now Forte and Fortesque) I’m bemused that you think Harry seems a good sort.
      Ms Markle attended private schools including a Catholic school.
      She identifies as Protestant, which is fine if you are into that mumbo jumbo.

      1. Shayna

        Yikes – it turns out I’m also O’Neill, it being my name, of course. As Colm O’Rourke said in 2008 don’t depend on the number on the back of the jersey of a Tyrone type, they play all over. She could be from whatever faith – she just seems a good variety of impending royalty.

  3. Col

    It’s surely more a symptom of a celebrity-obsessed culture rather than any kind of pro-royalist insult to Heuston (who was but a pup).

  4. newsjustin

    Hi again BS.

    Is it planned to keep my comments on moderation for the remainder of the referendum campaign or what?

  5. Joe Small

    I think a lot of the women of Ireland will let themselves down this weekend cheering on foreign royalty. I was at work for Kate and Wills wedding and was shocked to see middle-aged female colleagues shedding actual tears. All my female colleagues are watching this one too.

      1. TheRealJane

        Me neither. I’ve only a passing interest in the weddings of people I do know.

        Also, I abhor royalty.

  6. rotide

    Had to really think about this one for the reason to be outrage.

    Actually made me stop and consider the effort people are having to go to to be outraged. It’s a kind of arms race.

    1. Jonjo

      I still don’t know what the complaint is. There’s an M&S in Heuston Station? Is it because there’s a Royal Wedding in England? Is it because Anne had to look up Wikipedia for a reason to be outraged? What is that reason?

      1. newsjustin

        Somebody is mad they’re not marrying a prince. There’s not too many of us out there!

  7. Frilly Keane

    let me tell ye about the amount of .úc.s I give about this
    I thought they were already married

    and I didn’t cop this M & S party thing had anything to do with a Royal Wedding share the day
    whatever street getogher

    till the Editor there

    serious folks
    can we not stick to our own shy_te to worry about

    1. Hansel

      Same as you, I had no idea what this was about!

      I think there’s a strong “Britain – the mainland” mentality in Dublin. The media still says things like “The Queen” etc as though we should implicitly know who that might be.

      Queen Maxima of the Netherlands is my current favourite…

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