Eighth Women


This afternoon

Social Democrat co-leaders Róisín Shortall (left) Catherine Murphy (centre right) and party councillors and candidates  hold a final ‘Vote Yes’ photocall of the referendum campaign.



This morning.

Alexander Hotel, Dublin 2

A Love Both press conference featuring, from left: Niamh Ui Bhricuin, Sandra Caulfield whose baby Hope Rose passed away after 9 days, and Abigail Malone urging people to Vote No in the 8th referendum on Friday.



This afternoon.

Solidarity-People Before Profit TDs, from left: Paul Murphy, Mick Barry, Ruth Coppinger, Bríd Smith, Richard Boyd Barrett and Gino Kenny highlighting the ‘myths and facts’ of the Eighth Amendment debate.



This afternoon.

Buswell’s Hotel, Dublin 2

The ‘Fine Gael Women of 1983’, from left: Minister Josepha Madigan TD, Kate O Connell TD, SenatorCatherine Noone, Frances Fitzgerald TD, former Minister Gemma Hussey, Former Minister Nora Owen and former Minister Madeleine Taylor-Quinn discuss the Eighth Amendment.



This afternoon.

The Davenport Hotel, Dublin 2

A cross party group of Yes campaigners hosted by Minsiter for Health Simon Harris, withsitting from left. Senator Lynn Ruane, Fianna Fail Timmy Dooley, Kate O Connell, Social Democrats Catherine Murphy, Sinn Fein Louise O Reilly and Labour Party Jan O Sullivan and Justice Catherine McGuinness.


This afternoon.

Buswell’s Hotel, Dublin 2

Love Both campaign’s Aine Kierans, whose ultrasound of her unborn child is the one used on the Love Both Vote No poster campaign, with Consultant Obstetrician Dr Trevor Hayes and Love Both Spokeswoman Geraldine Martin.



Blummin’ Kekistanians.

They come over here, etc.

48 thoughts on “Eighth Women

  1. realPolithicks

    The alt-right and the NO campaign operating together shouldn’t surprise anyone. I just heard Mattie McGrath speaking in the dail trying to cast doubt on the validity of the electoral rolls, yet another attempt by the NO side to position themselves after a loss to say that referendum was not fair or valid.

      1. Sentient Won

        It’s a satirical swipe at all you libtards.

        You know, the actual new-wave fascism that disingenuously tries to limit the scope of all debate in the public realm.

        The one that projects victimhood in order to justify heinous acts.

        I can tell you’re triggered.


        1. Squelcho

          Call me triggered if you want but I have just cancelled a trip to Berlin on Friday morning so I can stay and vote Yes, specifically to cancel out your No. That’s if you have a vote in Ireland – I suspect you don’t. No matter – my ‘libtard’ Yes will cancel some other No. So thanks.

        2. Nigel

          You get to be a fascist while at the same time blaming your fascism on the libs because you’re too much of a coward to own it yourself and such a weak patsy you get persuaded to be a fascist to make up for the libs not being the fascists you pretend to believe they are. Ironic millennial alt-right fascists are just a snake’s nest of edge-lord posing.

          1. Sentient Won

            Fascism is a left wing ideology Nigel, I’m sure we’ve been through this before.

            Just because you want to deny this historical fact doesn’t make it any less true.

            Ever hear of The National Socialist German Workers’ Party?

            You should google them.

            (And Planned Parenthood was founded by a known Eugenicist – Margaret Sanger)

            (And Leo took money from EVOFEM, a US based biosciences company with a for profit interest in Abortion).

            So tell us again how this referendum isn’t rigged… I’m sure some may still even believe you.

          2. Listrade

            Oh my, I never realised that before. Then that must mean that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a democracy!

            Google misnomer.

            Also google how fascism’s roots started in Italy. How it was a direct reaction against the growing popularity of communism and the shrinking of the right wing.

            It was populism based in capital and nationalism and racism and recapturing the pride in the Roman Empire. Purity and superiority.

            Increasing public spending does not make the socialists. They put more into setting up private cartel corporations, no redistribution there.

            That’s the ideology Hitler stole, after sulking and blaming everyone for “his struggle”. He stole the socialist name as it was new and sounded good.

            But like our pals in the “democracy” of Korea, not even close to being what it was all about.

            Keep your echo chamber bullshit history to yourself to justify your odious options. Man up and accept who you are rather than trying to blame others for being a hate filled neck beard.

          3. Nigel

            String of bog-standard alt-right talking points and pre-emptively calling a fix. Wow, you’re fairly basic, Sentient.

          4. Sentient Won

            Are you trying to rewrite history in your own image Listrade?

            Mussolini too was a Socialist. He rose form the left of the parliament. That’s the root of fascism.

            Libtards don’t care about the true intentions of the agenda they so blindly follow, however. All they want is to feel connected and protected by mob. As individuals they’re weak. That’s why they’re so easily manipulated.

            That’s why they gang up on anybody who fails to conform with their groupthink – fear.

            It happens on Broadsheet everyday.

          5. Listrade

            Just put down the Mountain Dew, push back your fedora, lick the Dorito dust from your fingers and breathe.

            Mussolini left the Socialist party and fought in WW1. He was kicked out, he hated them. He came back full of ideals of nationalism and hatred of “class wars”. He went to to form the Fascist Party.

            Tony Blair wrote to Michael Foot once saying how he came to Socialism through Marxism. I would hesitate to call the Tony Blair we saw as Prime Minister was either.

            Maybe somewhere there is a point about overly PC policing and shaming online, heaven forbid we’ve all done it, but you don’t need to rewrite history to make that point. You don’t need to adapt to fascist symbols and words and actions (ironically or not) to demonstrate that straight white men are now the oppressed.

            Now you can get back to trying to convince that girl from work that you’re a nice guy. M’lady.

          6. painkiller

            Jeez Nigel, I don’t know if you and the likes of Listrade add anything of value with comments like you’ve been making on here. Maybe you should take a break or something. I am not too familiar with the whole Kek thing but it’s mainly a big silly tongue-in-cheek satirical joke designed to offence and clearly it’s effective in causing outrage.

            I said on here the other day that people bandy around the terms xenophobe, homophobe and nazi too much these days and that you will know a homophobe or a nazi by the lengths they are willing to go to air their prejudice. It has very little to do with policy positions and a lot more to do with how you view power dynamics – i.e. whether the ideas find root or implementation via libertarianism or authoritarianism. In this respect, people on the hard left and hard right have much more in common than they think. Take the social-justice inclined on the left; the bigger problem isn’t their ideas of regressively dividing society along the lines of oppressor-oppressed social groups (instead of actually empowering said groups – cause you know, that would be terrible), it’s that they seem prone to abusing the dominant position they hold, the privilege of being able to slander people as they see fit. Power suits very few, especially mobs. Believe it or not, there is a risk the dominant liberal orthodoxy is taking us somewhere undesirable and a possible greater risk is that things will swing the other way. As Stephen Fry said recently (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxYimeaoea0), the absurd nature of the social-justice movement is pushing people to the right. Healthy conversations need to be had – and there needs to be more consensus but I get no sense you are the least bit interested – maybe you see it as a time to make hay and don’t see things swinging the other way.

            Whatever way it goes on Friday, everyone will have had their chance to vote with their conscience and if it doesn’t carry, it doesn’t mean fascism is on the rise. It’s not that hard to see the pros and cons to Repeal. It’s not a world of people who seek to terminate pregnancies against a group trying to protect a religious patriarchy, and having to choose the lesser evil.

          7. Nigel

            Painkiller stop Sentient’s edgelord fascism and your lazy smug selective apologism are pushing me further and further to the left no help I’m sliding into anarcho-syndicalism how could you do this to meeeeee?

        3. Listrade

          As your fellow incels take up mass shooting because they can’t handle rejection for being odious and unattractive.

          Aye. Us liberals are triggered.

          1. Sentient Won

            You know what all this flak means Listrade?

            It means I’m directly over the target. All you got left is attempted defamation against an anonymous character on the internets.



            Living rent free in your head


          2. mildred st. meadowlark

            Another splendid demonstration of how sane you clearly are.

            Have they found a medication to silence all those voices in your head yet?

          3. Nigel

            So you’re debasing yourself to this extent purely in the name of being annoying? Have some dignity, man.

    1. rotide

      Lads, If you can’t tell by now that Sentient Won is a just a young lad who’s spent too much time on /b/ and certain subr e ddits and is trolling you (actual original definition of troll, not the one that people bandy about), then you really have fallen way too far down the rabbithole. I have no idea why people waste so much time replying to him. It is literally the oxygen for his fire.

      The kek thing is particularly telling since as someone who knows the origin of the word, what it’s turned into is just bizarre

      1. Listrade

        Ah Rotide,

        It’s like Maddie and David in Moonlighting, it’s bickering but I can feel the sexual tension. It’s electric.

  2. Ina.

    Is Roisin Shorthall going to scupper the SD’s plans to have abortion for up to 24 weeks at least? 12 weeks is an absolute joke.

    1. Repro-choice Bertie

      What’s your beef Ina? The SD’s aren’t politically big enough to push through a 24 week limit even if they wanted to so what’s the relevance?

      1. Ina.

        My beef is this. I can’t get a simple answer outta the SDs. They promised they’d be an open, democratic, accountable party, and yet, when it comes to the abortion issue, they’re not even prepared to lay out their stall. It’s pathetic.

          1. Ina.

            No, I’m not, unfortunately. The party’s split on the issue, but won’t admit it publicly. Shorthall had to be dragged into agreeing to support Repeal. Murphy wants more than 12 weeks. Rather than discussing this openly, as the SDs said they’d do when they founded the party, they’ve done the usually sweep it under the carpet. The SDs need to resolve the joint leadership issue and they need to inject more democracy into their decisions.

          2. Listrade

            Ina, maybe like all the parties they’re avoiding a specific statement on the proposed legislation in order to give a unified voice on the Yes campaign.

            If it is repealed and we get to have the specific debate on the legislation, I’m sure your representations will be answered.

            However, at this point, any party being publicly split on a detail of legislation we may not even get around to having could confuse the main issue of voting yes.

            All being well, next week I think you’ll have more success.

          3. Yep

            Shorthall has supported repeal for at least 2 years (earliest confirmation I could google). Do you have a link for Murphy wanting to extend to 24 weeks? Genuinely curious.

          4. Ina.

            With Murphy and 24 weeks, conversation with her. In fairness most yes voters, including myself, want at least 24 weeks. The referendum’s over, we’ve won, it’s now time to push heavily for 24 weeks. Shorthall has supported repeal, but that’s it, she’s not pro-choice.

          5. Ina.

            I’m not trolling. If Murphy or Shorthall were in my constituency, I’d vote for them. I admire Murphy’s extremely impressive work on NAMA and the IBRC and her work on the Garda Scandals. I think the SDs need to address this issue rather than calling people ‘trolls’.

  3. Bob

    Anyone else think it is in bad taste when political parties emphasize their own brand instead of the issues?


        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          Not gonna lie. It’s awful. What has her mug to do with this issue?

          To look at it the other way, at least they’re brazen about it. They don’t hide their motives… um… nevermind.

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