26 thoughts on “Hi, Five

  1. Diddles

    Bunsen, Wow, GBK, five guys, bobo (and I’m sure there’s more)…who will survive?
    Personally, I think wow are mank. In saying that, all of the press up group food outlets I have ate in have been mank.
    I’m a Bunsen man

      1. Starina

        agreed. so moist. yum. was happily surprised to discover Token does incredible burgers too

      2. Pat Harding

        Bunsen sucks! Five Guys is over priced (compared to 5 guys everywhere else) Wow is good, GBK is better

        But I’ll wait until there is an In-N-Out in Dublin…

    1. Frilly Waters

      WOW is my favourtie

      and Eddie Rockets now do a big brekkie that is one ‘ah the best around here

    2. IdiotsKnowWhatIdiotsDo

      Five Guys is expensive WoW Burger… and you left Bujo off your list.
      WoW is the best IMO.

    1. DeKloot

      Bring me In-N-Out and i’ll be happy…

      Five Guys is a good burger but their fries are excellent…

      Expensive though….

  2. Christopher

    Five Guys is very pricey in London and I’m sure it will be the same here. I predict it will be a massive hit with bored/basic consumers those who fancy a change from Nandos and Starbucks.

  3. Bernie

    I won a GBK voucher from BS and used it at their Temple Bar restaurant, the meal was very good indeed and have been back a few times since.

    1. Bernie

      I’m sure they do, I have a soft spot for that branch, though, could be something to do with all the Zinfandel I consume each time…

  4. James inXs

    Mickey D’s for me. Retro Big Mac. Still can’t beat it for value and taste.

    1. The Old Boy

      You can’t bate a wurly burger and single from an “Italian” chipper run by Romanians. None of this fancy nonsense.

      1. Dinny Do Well?

        Sure they’re all Italian

        Romania (România) comes from the Romanian Român, which is a derivative of the Latin adjective Romanus (Roman).

      2. scottser

        if I found myself in a chipper i’d always go smoked cod and chips. Now do any of these fancy places do a batter burger?.

  5. The Real Shrimply Pibbles

    Out of my face in the Leicester Square branch recently. I remember it to be a truly wonderful experience. Nice shakes.

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