12 thoughts on “Hard Gloss

      1. Starina

        in fairness i didn’t realise until i read the comments either. the hostilities have made us jumpy, Sheila

  1. kellma

    Maybe there is nothing to see here? Either of those slogans works for the yes campaign IMO.
    Expected outcome = her body, her choice
    Current outcome = her body, no choice
    NO is trying to “love both” so saying they want the expected outcome to be = her body, no choice is contradictory as they are turning purple telling us that the current situation provides adequate care in pregnancy.

      1. Spud

        Yep – besides, that ‘No’ is done too artistically.

        One of the better pieces of work in fariness.
        Nice work Subset

        1. Bob

          Didn’t think for a second it wasn’t a deliberate Her choice/No choice message
          but didn’t spot that Subset signature in the corner until you pointed it out.

          Bet they haven’t bothered to get permission again and will be forced to paint over it next week. Sneaky.

  2. kellma

    As an aside: the “love both” slogan does jar with the old adage ” I cannot serve two masters” doesn’t it?

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