29 thoughts on “De Friday Papers

  1. newsjustin

    Coveney says we will be frozen in time if we don’t vote Yes. We must move bravely forward. To a new golden age of abortion. An age of such promise that we can remove any acknowledgement from the constitution of the right to life of unborn babies in the womb. An age so brimful of progressiveness that a baby needs only to be wanted to win acknowledgement of her right to life. An age of such sparkling equity that unwanted human beings can be disposed of.

    Onward Simon, Leo, Simon, Martin, Mary-Lou. We’re right behind you in this noble endeavour. We won’t be found wanting. Let the removal of human rights begin in earnest.

    1. PlumBobSmearPants

      Only multiple incantations of the rosary will save yis all now. Get kneeling and get praying.

  2. Bob

    OutI want to make sarcastic comments but I can’t.

    We need better health care
    We need better mother care
    We need better child care

    No matter how you vote I hope we all focus on the most important things most of us can agree on.

    Also please vote.

  3. petey

    full marks to the morning star for reporting on the las vegas strike preparations, a story almost completely buried over here.

      1. Una Me

        F off Sheik.
        I’m drunk and I’m home.
        – Stop associating me with that c***. I never saw him before in me life.

  4. Una Me

    Calm the f*** down, my friends…brothers… whatever…

    …does anyone know the proper protocol for taking a selfie in a polling booth?
    … is there a law against it?
    … does anyone give a flying boo boo if I do do that?

    30mins to go…
    Stop me if you think I should go to bed.

    I think the selfie thing is a good idea. boo boo you.

  5. Una Me

    I met a girl this morning.
    I gave her two ‘thumbs up’ and said ‘Voting YES?’.
    – She pretended to not know what I was talking about..

    I said nothing.

    Excuse me now… The polling stations are about to open…

  6. TheRealJane

    Up and dressed (not in my jumper, that’s for changing into later!), passport, driver’s license, social services card and polling card to hand…

    Let’s get this done today!

  7. Martco

    what a lovely summers morning it is!

    healthy queue @ 06.45

    All done!

    3x YES (me, eldest fella & niece)
    0x NO

  8. The Early Worm

    I voted already.
    Oh yes I did…
    – I might have broken the law by singing ‘Yes’ repeatedly but there’s nothing in the rules about that so stick it up your Swiss Roll.

    I met my next-door neighbour on my way home.
    She smiled when I told her what I’d just done.
    – I didn’t need to tell her that I have a Mother, a Wife, a sister and two daughters. She just knew.
    FFS, she lives next-door.
    …but I digress…

    She knew I’d done the right thing already.
    She’s dead cool and sexy…. Mariella Frostrup’s voice and Kylie Minogue’s arse. I swear to F. No messing….no exaggeration…

    In the meantime, vote YES.

    1. Nigel


  9. Bruce_Wee

    But what about GDPR?…I jest….Vote what ever you think is right …as long as you vote. Cracker of a day out there so enjoy everyone.

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