Broadsheet on the Telly Late Eighth Special TONIGHT (10pm)


Staying in tonight?

Broadsheet on the Telly returns with an Eight Referendum Special at 10pm streaming live above and on our YouTube channel.

Join Yes and No voters for a THREE HOUR show debating the Eighth stretching to 1am. Topics will also include RTÉ and The Disclosures Tribunal and other ‘stuff’.

Three. Hours.

‘Potty-mouthed’ language (eg. ’spizz’, ‘bastard face’, ‘fucky-poo’, etc.) anticipated.


Three hours though.

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22 thoughts on “Broadsheet on the Telly Late Eighth Special TONIGHT (10pm)

  1. Jesus

    Seriously though…
    Is there REALLY going to be somebody debating on behalf the NO vote?

    – Didn’t think so…

    Carry on.

  2. Frilly Waters

    that time of the week already

    its no wonder I’m getting too old for this sh One t

  3. PlumBobSmearPants

    So the Orange Order just called for a NO vote. Well there you are so. That’s us told.

  4. Topsy

    “Referendum special” lol. Should influence about zero people & watched by 10 more. Forget about it.

  5. Gabby

    THREE hours of pre-referendum ‘chat’ – you gotta be kidding. It’s too late now to convince any so-called wavering voters. You should have done this three weeks ago, when many people were still paying attention to radio and television debates. On an eve of poll night like this your programme should be about cookery, stamp collecting and how to grow interesting things in the garden.

  6. Frilly Waters

    I hope ta’ rhymes with muck

    ye got a bitta this show

    ye’re in for a treat
    peter paul and mary plus the late ABM all in one show

    1. realPolithicks

      I was able to catch the last 45 minutes or so, it was late at that point and Kate Lawlor(I think was her name) was basically trying to filibuster the discussion despite her lousy connection. She came across as a typical shrill no voter(why are they always so angry?). Who was the Professor btw? I believe her name was Jennifer…anyway good luck to everyone voting, I wish I was there myself to participate. I voted against the 8th in 1983 and urge everyone to get out and vote YES today for all the women of Ireland.

      1. Jesus.

        You missed nothing rP., trust me.

        A more cynical version of me or you might wonder why she had a static image. Perhaps she didn’t want us to know what she looks like. I dunno.

        A more cynical version of me or you might wonder why she had a dodgy Internet Connection. I thought that was something you might know in advance. It wouldn’t be a perpetual ‘get-out-of-jail-for-free’ card, because that would be ridiculous… I dunno.

        A more cynical version of me or you might wonder why she kept coming back, and spoke like she was getting paid-by-the-word everytime… I dunno.

        Just vote YES.
        Send these Americans home.

        Thank you.

  7. Jesus.

    An American would never notice his messages being deleted and their meanings being distorted.
    I’m not an American myself. Can’t stand the f***ers to be honest. Horrrible blighters.

    Where was I?
    Oh yeaah, the British…
    – Don’t get me started…

    I have loads of people to blame stuff on.
    Loads of stuff to blame on them, but…
    None of them are wimmin.

    Vote YES.

    1. Jesus.

      I could be the ticket-man at Fulham railway station.
      What a waste.

      Just stop!
      I’m doin’ me best here. The least you could do is acidentally snort some tea or coffee back up your nose the wrong way…
      It might wake you up.

      You know what…

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