13 thoughts on “Gas

    1. Mickey Twopints

      Most important question is how much per litre (gallon???) and is there any proper leaded petrol in the tanks?

      Those pumps are at least 25 years old, going by the version of the Texaco (Now ChevronTexaco) logo.

  1. dav

    tha t means there’s an empty petrol tank under ground, and that means the ground will need decontamination before a brick is laid!!
    The developer must be ripping the builders let this out.
    He could have done it all on the cheap and let people buy apartments sitting on petrol soaked land..

  2. A person

    It used to be a petrol station, which the developers already knew about. The developers and their advisers (who are not all bad people) will ensure that all environmental step necessary are taken.

    1. martco

      That Petrol Emotion
      …being one of Fear the developer felt when the omfg what have I just bought with my Russian friends money moment came into plain sight

  3. RuilleBuille

    Passed there this morning. Since yesterday they have covered up the petrol pumps with wooden fencing.

  4. eric cartman

    A lot of places won’t get planning for a new petrol station in a town, keeping the pumps there means you’re just ‘renewing’ an existing site and can increase prices for land.

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