12 thoughts on “Heads Up

  1. Just Sayin

    I live very near polling station (less than €10 taxi fare away)

    Does that mean that they will pay me to vote?

    1. Robert

      Hailo went toe-to-toe with Uber in New York and got burned big-time. Cost them their investors and had no choice but to sell out.

      Such a shame, but there’s still a market opening for anyone that wants to come along and do the same. Hopefully it’ll be whistle.

      1. dav

        thanks, I didn’t know about that. I honestly thought that halo was Dublin taxi app only!

        1. Robert

          Started in London. Worked amazingly well with the style of Taxis we have here. Sadly missed.

  2. Tom

    People are making such a song and a dance over voting. Some bint on twitter saying she is so scared as if she is actually travelling to get an abortion.

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