10 thoughts on “On A Wing And A Prayer

  1. Martin

    They are throwing their money at everything at this stage in the no compaign, expect at least 4 high court cases against the yes outcome.

    1. well

      They’ll try to say calling a referendum is illegal because it violates the 8th.
      They’ll try to claim the voting was rigged.
      They’ll try to claim media bias/ google rigged it etc.

      I’m so tired of them controlling us.
      I want to see David Quinn Queuing for the dole.

        1. well

          Honestly we should be watching polling boxes like hawks.
          All this talk of vote rigging from the No side sounds like guilt to me

  2. Sheik Yahbouti

    Guilt? They don’t know the meaning of the word. Guilt is something they impose on the lower orders as a means of control.

  3. alfie

    The amount of hostility on this site is rather scary
    If people only had the same hostility over the bail out like in Iceland our country would be a better place
    Meanwhile David Drums trial is on and not one headline
    Seems to me as the nation bickers and goes to war against each other over abortion and this banker is quietly being processed and will get off scot free
    It seems we need to replace the harp with a mug

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