44 thoughts on “#Geezers4Yes

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    They’re the men who would have seen their sisters, cousins, friends – maybe even a girlfriend thrown in a laundry for their sins. Fair play, in fairness.

    1. rotide

      Yeah Daisy, they probably informed to the church and helped the priests carry off their sisters to a life of servitude. Men eh? Patriarchy Eh? You can basically tell by looking at them that they hate women.

      1. Frilly Waters

        oh go p1ss on someone elses crisps for a change Rottie

        you’re the dose of hemorrhoids that never goes away

      2. Basil Brush

        Christ that screams bitterness Rotide. Its juvenile, purile, glib, tantrum throwing, man hating comments like this that confirm to me you are just a spineless troll. At least these men have the courage of their convictions and stand on a street to let everyone know what they stand for. Some, however just sit at home and hate in the dark.

  2. TheRealJane

    I wish my daughter’s grandfather was one of them. He got a love both badge yesterday and actually exchanged high fives with another old codger when they saw each other’s pins.

  3. postmanpat

    Fair play to them. I don’t fancy raising my tearaway teenage daughters baby when she gets knocked up by some useless youngfella down the street who hasn’t even started shaving yet and said he’d pull out or lied about the non existent condom breaking or she lied about puking the pill up that she was never on in the first place. Abortion as an normalized option in a crisis is good for the young women, the dopey youngfellas, and the grandparents who end up raising the kids. Its the ultimate wake up call for stupid teenagers!! They can have kids later when there capable of supporting themselves. The grandkids can visit but they cant live with me! Little kids shouldn’t have live with cranky old farts anyway, they need young (but not too young) parents with the proper energy to raise them.

  4. SOQ

    This generation get a bad rap from the younger. They’ve done most things and come out the other side with the full knowledge that very rarely is anything black and white. And, never in our life times has there been a topic with so many shades of grey in it.

    So if are lucky enough to still have one or more grandparents around, go visit them. You’ll be surprised at how open minded most are. They have their priorities straight and without judgement love you for just being you, warts ‘n all.

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        My grandparents are proudly voting Yes. Both of them in their mid eighties and they want to see change.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          you’re probably right about that, justin.

          the thing is, though, through the last 75 years or so of this state, most people over the age of 60 probably also opposed the mother and child scheme, permitting married women to work in the civil service, availability of contraception, decriminalisation of homosexuality, divorce, civil partnerships and right up to marriage equality a few years ago.

          most people though would recognise now that the older generation were wrong in every single one of these instances

          just as they’re wrong now

          1. SOQ

            I suppose my point is that as we travel though our lives we grow and mature. There is no doubt that when they were younger they were opposed to the things you mention but as we get older we mellow. Especially when the scare mongering that went along with all those social changes never actually materialised.

            I know that when my own mother became a grandparent, particularly when the children became teens, she was a very different person to when we were growing up. You’d be surprised how many of them will be voting Yes, they have a life of learning and wisdom to support their decision and despite still having much stronger religious beliefs, they too question the church like never before.

          2. Sheik Yahbouti

            “Most people over 60”?? Bro, have you gone completely mental? Who da fcuk do you think marched, campaigned and fought for the removal of those injustices? People who are now over sixty. Ah just stuff yourself with another half caff soyamachiallate with a prune floating on it, or whatever. That finishes me altogether.

        2. Junkface

          I was surprised to find out that my parents will be voting Yes! Also some of their friends, they’re all over 70. They decided to deal with reality for their granchildren.

    1. missred

      My friends who are canvassing, like Janet did in Malahide, have seen the most surprise yes promises from older gentlemen. It’s often to the person with the yellow hi-viz and yes leaflets that it is the first time they’ve told anyone because it was taboo to admit it to the neighbours. I’m delighted to see these fellas out and proud, even if it’s only a few fellow grandads they might persuade.

      If my own were alive they all would have been a definite yes.

        1. realPolithicks

          Its interesting that you disagree with Old Boy and then post a link proving his point. Its definitely not an american phrase.

  5. Bernie

    It’s used all the time in London, has been for years.

    Chas and Dave types describing their mates as ‘diamond geezers’ mainly, the chavs…

  6. rotide

    Just like with the marriage referendum , stories like these always bring out the condescending ‘ah fair play in fairness, sure isn’t it great that they’re voting yes’ crowd. The surprise that people who have a lifetime of experience might actually have come to the same opinion than the hipster youth is just unthinkable.

    Both my parents are over 75 and both voted against the 8th in 83 and will vote yes this time. The fact anyone finds this and others like this suprising or hearthwarming is vaguely insulting. Older people are a lot more likely to vote than younger people and don’t advertise with any hometovote hashtags. It was far more down to this demographic that the Marriage Referendum passed as well as it did than the young vote imo. Hopefully it will be the same thing here.

    1. newsjustin

      Old people will vote Yes. Old people will vote No.
      Women will vote Yes. Women will vote No.
      Doctors will vote Yes. Doctors will vote No.
      Hairdressers will vote Yes. Hairdressers will vote No.

      People don’t agree on this issue. The difference is how they evaluate and react to this issue. Nothing more.

        1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

          better people ?
          keep practicing at the Christian thing
          only the big fella can judge I’d have thought ?

          1. Cian

            I giggled.

            newsjustin, I’m glad that you stuck around here for the last few months and defended your position in a calm and rational fashion. You have been consistent in your stance and have always contributed positively to the discussions. While I don’t agree with your views I do respect them – and your good self. And, to top it all, you haven’t lost your sense of humour.

            We’ll have to see how Friday turns out – but I look forward to future discussions.

          2. newsjustin

            Ah thanks Cian. Same goes for you. I appreciate that my views are in a minority on BS but appreciate the many commenters who debate with goodwill. And BS high command who, to be fair, tolerate all viewpoints.

            Enjoy the voting tomorrow everyone.

          3. rotide

            I’d like to echo Cian’s comment. It’s been good to have a reasonable voice of no here in amongst the trolls.

            You take a huge amount of abuse from some of the more extreme people here and I don’t think its warrented.

        2. SOQ

          And there you have it folks, despite the fact that doctors cannot agree on what it actually means, people who want to retain the 8th amendment are ‘better’ than the rest of us.

          Well you know what you can do with your lofty judgments eh? Like it or not, Irish women WILL have the same health care as the rest of Europe and you can stick your Vatican sponsored amendment where the sun won’t shine.

  7. Marbe

    I’m one of the old people, and I and my few old friends(unfortunately friends, at this age, have a tendency to drop off) will be running on our zimmers to shout YES out loud.

    1. Shayna

      If it’s not an overwhelming Repeal, I’d be surprised. The fact that “old” geezers turn out in hi-viz vests to Repeal, is surely an indicator of how the vote will go. Ex-pats are flying back to Ireland from all over the World to vote tomorrow. A sort of home-coming?
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZoX7yiTpiU (The chorus – I’ll be there, I am coming home – bita paraphrasing there, clearly).

  8. Sheik Yahbouti

    “Geezers for Yes” bother? Are they Diamond Geezers or just Old Geezers you. …? :-/

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