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Above from left Pictured Minister for Housing and Local Government Eoghan Murphy , Taoiseach Leo Varadkar Minister for Finance, Public Expenditure and Reform Paschal O Donohue, Minister for Business, Enterprise, and Innovation Heather Humphries, Minister John Halligan, Minister Denis Naughten and Minister Michael Ring.

This morning.

Government Buildings

The Government launched four funds worth €4 billion which are part of the €116 billion Project Ireland 2040 investment which was launched earlier this year.

The Government says the €4 billion will be invested in rural development, urban regeneration, climate action and innovation.

…A further €500 million will be investment in the development of disruptive innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics.


Funds worth €4bn being launched as part of Project 2040 (RTÉ)

Previously: Project 2040 on broadsheet

Sam Boal/RollingNews

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4 thoughts on “Spin Around Now

    1. Robert

      it’s a pity with all of that cash slushing around they couldn’t afford to register a domain name …

      1. johnny

        i may have ‘linked’ to the direct page-its govt.ie but its a marvelous initiative and should be applauded.
        of course there will be execution issues,lots the usual hurlers on the ditch,it would be great see some funding going towards ‘agtech’,Ireland has incredible potential in this area.

        “Coincidentally, the agtech investment landscape has exploded over the last decade, from a niche, opportunistic clade of the venture capital investment class, to a legitimate asset class attracting focused and generalist funds with dedicated agtech investment allocations.”


  1. johnny

    in other ‘fund’ news one the more controversial vulture funds in US-TPG has decided to exploit the lack of financing available for Irish builders/developers.they-sorry the IT-has a advertorial,or “piece” on it.

    numerous orgs in NY are urging the controller to stop investing in TPG.


    for those who may be interested ‘hedge clippers’ can be a useful resource.

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