‘I’m Minding Them For A Friend’


‘Looking after’ stuff for a friend, 1999.

Emma Doran writes:

We were all great at minding stuff for our mates back in the day

And while I’m here can anyone tell me can I cash in my prizebonds?


Emma’s ‘little sister’ is played by Ella Doran.

Emma Doran

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11 thoughts on “‘I’m Minding Them For A Friend’

  1. Clampers Outside!

    My first condom cost me IR£5 for ONE !

    One damn it !

    It was late on a weekend and there was no chemist open at 11 at night and Joe had a few on him, and he knew he had an eager customer caught in a poor supply high demand situation :)

    ( For perspective, I think a pint cost IR£2.50 at the time )

          1. ivan

            For future reference, a pint of Guinness in the Stables in UL in Sept 1993 cost £1.75.

            Yez can work back/forward from that…

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