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  1. Sheik Yahbouti

    The Times. Do I understand this correctly – after ‘ministerial action’, Clinics and organisations offering bogus pregnancy advice have a further two years to clean up their actually? No prosecutions, no sanctions? Say it isn’t so :-0

    1. missred

      There was apparently gofundme type adverts in newspapers in Donegal to fund having crisis pregnancy centres up there, which we all know is code for these charlatans. I sincerely hope there is a crackdown on them as Simon Harris promised. It’s linked on the Donegal together for yes page

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Daisy, WTF is going on? Why aren’t these creeps being tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rain? TWO years to cut de messin’!!

  2. Ollie Cromwell

    “Two weeks to solve the border issue.”
    The Irish Times is as wrong now as it has been consistently since the Brexit referendum result was announced.
    It has become,like the Financial Times,an object lesson in how to attract ridicule for its myopic obsession over pursuing a Brit-bashing editorial policy at the expense of proper,independent journalism.
    In years to come after Brexit has happened and the UK and Ireland continue to trade as they have always done and the EU disintegrates under inevitable economic pressure from Southern Europe and political opposition in Eastern Europe to its disastrous immigration policy it will struggle to retrieve its reputation from the toilet bowl.
    The Irish people deserve better than this #metoo Establishment bottom-sniffing rag.

      1. vertigo

        Coke spoon or not he could be right.
        Our leadership are standing by as best boy in class as brexit is played out.
        We will be shafted as we are only 5%if that of the EU economy if push comes to shove.
        As in all democracies the majority win out and what’s good for our partners in not necessarily good for us
        We need to have a deal that suits Ireland first and Europe second
        Speaking about this the fishing industry are reporting new EU vessels in our grounds and they are fishing.
        Fishermen are saying this sudden move is Trawlers trying to establish historical patterns so when brexit comes they can prove that they fish in our waters and move in
        If this happens our fishing industry will be destroyed

          1. vertigo

            Nigel brexit will if we cannot secure a deal that is fine for us
            My wife hates being driven in a car where she has no control
            Its a bit like that in brexit
            We are passengers
            I only pray you are correct as it seems we have no plan B
            People are worried
            Another worry is the state of Italian banks and some German banks and what now has been elected into power in Italy is rather worrying for the European economy
            If these institutions fail big trouble

          2. Ollie Cromwell

            Well,Varadkar chose to act as the EU’s lapdog instead of using the historic close trading relationship between Ireland and Britain to help secure a good deal for this country.
            He’ll get a short term electoral boost for playing the anti-Brit card but once the dust has settled the EU will revert to treating Ireland as an irrelevance and the British will remember which side the idiot chose.
            International statesman he ain’t.
            Let’s see him try to call in favours when the EU come after Ireland’s corporate tax rate.
            Bertie Ahern would have been a much smarter operator.

          3. Nigel

            The EU treat Ireland as an irrelevance? The UK forgot we even existed until they were pulled up short, and now they’re still not sure who or where we are. They think the EU made us up just to annoy them.

        1. realPolithicks

          “We need to have a deal that suits Ireland first and Europe second”

          With this simple statement you reveal your lack of a basic understanding of how this whole situation works.

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        The Brits are playing a blinder by accident.
        Keep everyone guessing until it comes down to the wire and Brussels will be desperate to avoid no deal.
        There’ll be big compromises on both sides but there will be a deal and Ireland will have very little input into it other than to give their approval when told to by Merkel.
        It’s how the system works.

        1. Cu Cullan

          Britain is going to be humiliated. No if’s or but’s. The only question is how public the ritual will be. Sadly Ireland will suffer. You are right that there is little we can do about that. But total and utter unforgiving fisting ahead.

        2. Nigel

          Acting completely helpless in the hopes that the grown-ups will sort it out is certainly a strategy, though it still sounds too clever for the Tories

        3. realPolithicks

          The brits never expected brexit to pass, and two years later still haven’t been able to figure out what they want from it. There is no “cunning plan” because the tories and their DUP dopes are too dumb to formulate one.

    1. Catherine costelloe

      You have very valid points. Professor of journalism at DCU , Colum Kenny stated at the Tribunal that the media is besieged, with fake news, cutbacks, fewer and inexperienced journalists. Judge Charleton also stated yesterday that he will not be conferring a medal on RTE!

      1. johnny

        The irish media is barely covering the collapse of irelands richest man’s cash cow.Digicel bonds closed yesterday down 15% and are trading at/around 70.What that means is that the likelihood of getting paid back your 100 in TWO years is slim to nil, the market is pricing in a default.If someone asked you to led them 70 dollars and pay you 8.5% interest and pay you back in two years 100 dollars,you would not believe them right, welcome to the world of Digicel !

        They are on some widely rumored ‘investor’ roadshow, the ‘book’ is like the holy grail, if it exists at all,must be a extremely exclusive and small roadshow,because none the major banks/brokers appear to have a copy of the presentation,leading to doubts if it exists at all or if there any roadshow !

        They early terminated their biggest,boldest most important sponsorship deal this week,West Indies Cricket.

        1. rotide

          While i guess I understand the schadenfreud at the trials and tribulations of broadsheets comedy villain, I’m always a little surprised by the glee that that people have in ushering in the demise of a pretty large company. It’s also a company that employs a shedload of Irish people, very very few of who have committed criminal or questionable moral acts.

          1. Johnny

            “Shedload” most senior irish execs have left/resigned or got pushed out,Digi all by itself is cutting 25% of its workforce !
            It still doesn’t explain the radio/tv/print silence,considering the extremely salicous coverage off Lord O’Reillys rather sad and pathetic demise.
            Ps you ain’t exactly to most upbeat,optimistic,sunnyside the steet poster :)

          2. Cu Cullan

            When his IPO was scuppered, red flag, he was done. Borrowed high to expand then flop to low. Classic, but incredibly naive. I’m waiting for the bail out. Can’t see what reason yet, but I suspect there’re working on it as I type..

          3. Johnny

            Turning 500 million into 50 to settle a score via INM,validated that old joke about how to make a small fortune in newspapers,start with a large one:)
            There’s normally many factors in situations like this,Digi is simply unviable as currently structured,too much high priced debt.
            Many successful companies shelve IPO’s and are just fine,what it did here was lift the corporate veil and exposed the staggering amount off fees,expenses,dividends,that the founder was milking from a very capital intense business,exactly when it desperately needed capital !
            The street is a very unforgiving place and ruled by a herd mentality,all the signs are pointing to a default,other that distressed debt/special situation buyers there’s none,the sentiment on Digi has soured,next stop is the bankruptcy courts.

          4. Nigel

            A camp full of creatively murdered holidaymakers isn’t just going to stay private guys

          5. realPolithicks

            “It still doesn’t explain the radio/tv/print silence,considering the extremely salicous coverage off Lord O’Reillys rather sad and pathetic demise.”

            The explanation is simple johnny, the Irish media are spineless and have been intimidated into silence by [he who must not be named].

        2. johnny

          here’s the statement from West Indies Cricket on the early termination of the contract with Digicel.their inability to honor their contractual obligations,instead off sending a message of frugalness,has had exactly the opposite effect,with many people wondering what other contractual obligations will they seek to “early terminate ” !

          INM plays a very important role in Irish society,why is it silent here on all this,public apathy,i know more about Lord O’Reillys creepy nursing arrangements that i ever wanted too,but next nothing on Digi !

          “ST JOHN’S, ANTIGUA – Digicel has reached an agreement to end to its sponsorship relationship with Cricket West Indies one year early following a successful 13-year partnership.”


          1. vertigo

            Seems to me the cracks are showing in DOBs empire
            DOB will walk off into the horizon cleansed

      2. Cu Cullan

        Because of their coverage or because they have failed to throw a big fat mcguffin into the mix..? Leaving him hanging in mid air..

  3. Ben Redmond

    If we disagree with the contents of newspapers we ‘take’, we can always use them for wrapping chips, or in winter give them to rough sleepers to wrap around their inside legs as temporary underwear.

  4. vertigo

    You know we used our debit cards and visa in limerick yesterday
    These glitches seem to be pretty regular and I hate to say this but if money is just sitting there guess who can make millions put of it by moving it around?
    The banks.
    Greed before brought them down and we sucked up the cost
    Maybe history will repeat itself yet again 10 years on

  5. SOQ

    Oh FFS, why do these clowns keep changing their names? More to the point, why does BS allow it?

    1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

      although I guess its hard to police if it’s a different email address each time

      1. mildred st meadowlark

        Still, it’s ridiculously persistent. Like, have ye nothing better to do?

      2. SOQ

        Even with dynamic allocation, IP numbers are not hard to monitor. 3-4-5 accounts from the one IP is a pretty good indication that something is not as it appears.

  6. Lilly

    Why did Tony O’Reilly give his nurse $1.4 million to buy a house in the Bahamas? Note to self: consider mid-life career change to nursing.

  7. Lilly

    Apparently she had to carry out ‘unsavoury and repugnant’ duties. Clip his toenails, pluck his nose hair, squeeze his blackheads? The mind boggles. Bahamas pad notwithstanding, I wouldn’t have the stomach for it.

    1. Johnny

      Allegadly he refered to her as Nurse Feelgood,it was apparantly a loan,the bankruptcy trustee tried collect on it,resulting in a barrage of speculation on her “tasks” after she filled a lawsuit,for promises made and not kept:)

        1. Johnny

          I’m sure she’s relieved to no longer have ask-does this feel good:)
          Kept the house !

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