24 thoughts on “Right So

  1. Ron Dolan

    Considering he doesn’t seem to realize every single native born Irish person knows his accent is fake, I doubt this is racism, its just someone who is completely disconnected with reality.

    Had a look through his twitter feed – that amount of pictures of himself speaks volumes. He is a very talented person no doubt, but he doesn’t seem the most intellectual of people.

    Bless him, Bless Oirland.

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Not even close to blackface. It’s clownface.

    Delete this “article”. It’s embarrassing.

    1. george

      It is not an article. The text doesn’t say it is blackface. It says three different things with a question mark after each.

      Broadsheet posts weird things that happen in Ireland. This picture of Michael Flatley as a wretched clown is weird and his caption makes it even weirder. Stop assuming all posts have to be about something being outrageous.

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