To A ‘Good Death’


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Living Medicine,

A brand new podcast series from the Irish Medical Organisation hosted by Sunday Business Post Health Editor Susan Mitchell

Liam Geraghty writes:

On the debut episode Susan talks to IMO President Dr. Peader Gilligan (above in interview with Susan) about his career in emergency medicine, sharing the last moments with patients and the need for society to consider what constitutes a ‘good death’.

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Living Medicine

Pic by Colm Mahady/Fennell Photography

9 thoughts on “To A ‘Good Death’

  1. dav

    For a country obsessed with funerals (anyone hear the death notices on local radio) and who (IMHO) have a good handle on the grieving process (e.g. Wakes, the corpse house, a cup of tea and a chat after the burial) we should be leading the discussion on euthanasia.

  2. terry1

    This is one thing I often think about
    I honestly believe in a person having the right to decide when enough is enough
    My biggest fear is the time I can no longer look after myself and rather than kept alive by a totally uncaring system one should be able to take a pill and drift off into the hereafter
    Everyone over 50 should be allowed to access a pill to end ones life with dignity
    I proved the scene in solvent green of Edward g Robinson going to the room where he drifted off to the visuals like the sound of music
    Rolling hills and wonderful music
    I have lived a full and happy life and are not depressed and I believe in death its just the final passage we all face

    1. Papi

      Ah, daithi, how could we trust you with a death pill when you’ve only just found Caps Lock?

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