Nick Cave And The Bad Policy On Bicycles


Last night.

Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin 8.

Colm Walsh writes:

A beautiful summer night & the perfect way to get to Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds but: no bikes allowed in the gates?

Acres of space inside, no bike racks anywhere outside – 100s of bikes on every approach road railing, lamppost or tree…


45 thoughts on “Nick Cave And The Bad Policy On Bicycles

  1. LeopoldGloom

    Provision of bicycle parking facilities in this country is somewhere between bad and awful. Sheffield stands should be standard everywhere, (unless they’d be blocking wheel chair users). Newly built offices and retail outlets should feature them too in some way as a minimum requirement

    Far, far too much public space is taken up by private motorised vehicles and it is a disgrace that it is allowed to continue in that way. We should adopt the Japanese approach of banning parking on streets as near completely as possible.

    1. trev

      Maybe charging for bike stands is the way to go
      Then it could be self financing
      We could be the envy of the world

      1. Mr. Camomile T

        Cycling is already self-financing, at a societal level. In fact, it even benefits society.
        For every kilometre travelled by bicycle, instead of by car, society gains €1 in terms of health benefits.

  2. Diddles

    Great gig! He has such presence. Also loved the lack of selfies and lack of people recording crap videos of what was in front of them. First gig I’ve been to in a while where the majority were happy to take it in….although nick did shout put the f**king phone away to someone
    Bar/jacks situation in that venue is a joke

    1. trev

      The guy is a genius

      He is among the greats who evolved music
      Artists like Dylan
      John Lyndon
      Lou reed
      To mention a few

  3. postmanpat

    All year round >90% of the time its mild enough to cycle to everything. The weather doesn’t have to be like today for your SO to cycle with you, but it is the only type of weather you would have any chance of persuading him/her (her) to .

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      I’d sail my ships around it. Then I’d burn an my bridges down and make everyone call me the Wild Rose.

    2. Diddles

      This is about nick cave and cycling bikes. No need to lower the tone by bringing Haribo into the conversation

    1. samwise_gangee

      hipsters in summer dresses and waist-coats going to see the original authentic hipster…that’s who

  4. Not On Your Nelly

    Friend of Israel don’t you know… his gigs should be boycotted. Nice songs, terrible politics.

      1. Not On Your Nelly

        Nick Cave fans, grey haired and pretend lefties. The worst. Ignorance is bliss. Stay there.

        1. Stag Ali

          From Cave at the Abbey on Tuesday night, (Irish Times article):
          “A brave soul asks about Cave’s decision to play Israel last year and whether he’d do so again given recent atrocities. “Don’t answer him, Nick!” says an angry voice, but Cave answers everything. He would play Israel again, he says. He talks about the “grotesque” behaviour of Israel but also the “grotesque” behaviour of Hamas.
          He talks about the Israelis who are protesting their own government and he coolly rejects the idea of a cultural boycott as advocated by Brian Eno, because that would mean punishing those Israelis. It’s the most uncomfortable moment of the night”.
          Your comment is miles off the mark. I think you should have a word with yourself.

          1. Not On Your Nelly

            Israelis “protesting” their government?!? In Israel??!

            It’s ok. That €70 was well spent. Don’t lose sleep about it. Your parents also bought those lovely South African goods in the 80s.

            Back to that ignorance. Israel is a great spot and the people who elect and keep electing that government deserve to be entertained by western acts. Just like they are living in a western democracy. Must be hard to hear a concert over there with the citizens blocking the streets and protesting over their government. That last bit was sarcasm.

        2. Andrew

          I’m no lefty and I’ve no grey hair yet.
          BDS supporters, deluded hypocrites who foment division and contribute nothing. Tossers

          1. bisted

            …sorry…BDS are winning and will win…Paul Simon broke the ban and supported S Africa…poor Aitkin has been advertising his concert for months now…Nick Cave took his blood money and will be reminded as long as he lives…

          2. Friscondo

            +1 Sun City. The likes of Cave and Radiohead are paid way over the odds to give credibility to that Apartheid regime. They’re scabs, basically. Money grabbers. “Punishing Israeli’s protesting their govt.” What, all 6 of them?

        1. LeopoldGloom

          Yet Roger Waters is happy to play in Russia. He’ll gladly play in the US of A, Israel’s biggest backer and not a nation entirely devoid of violence against others

          Massive hypocrite

          1. Friscondo

            Russia and US for all their faults are not Apartheid regimes. Their legal systems do not enshrine the superior status of one group of people, to the detriment of another group.

          2. Leopold Gloom

            There are inequalities in the the US that are as a direct result of official policy. All over the place. People are living in subhuman conditions. Russia is busy annexing little pockets of it’s borders, east and south and is happy to move people on elsewhere (as it always has been)

            They are both guilty of supporting some of the most vile regimes currently on this planet. They are culpable, probably moreso than Israel which.

  5. Junkface

    Half of those bikes will be stolen now. Another very Irish trait, along with no planning for bicycle racks.

    1. samwise_gangee

      you could buy one nice and cheap for yourself….heck you could probably buy a few

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