18 thoughts on “No Filter

  1. trev

    Such happy smiley people then came the cancer and the morphine to ease the agony as daddy drew his last breath
    How times change
    I always remember when the Marlboro man died of cancer

    1. PlumBobSmearPants

      Watching my mother take her last breaths from her deathbed is something I’ll never forget. A smoker since her teens, cigarettes destroyed her lungs and heart. Sure, the morphine helped and we all told ourselves that she couldn’t feel the pain as she waited for her heart to give in. But two days of her breathing becoming more and more strained was too much of a burden for my sister to bear. Yes. We told ourselves the morphine took away the pain and she had no awareness of her imminent death. But nobody really knows.

      I hope none of you ever have to witness let alone experience such a thing. But if you do you’ll be there for them.

      It’ll getcha some way or another. Life. But the cigarette way? Nope. Give em up while you can.

      1. newsjustin

        It’s an awful thing to watch. Cigarette related or not. I agree, there’s plenty of ways you can go, better to try and avoid the absolute worst of the legal poisons.

        1. Cian

          Agreed. We should legislate for euthanasia to allow people that have terminal illnesses a dignified death.

          1. Joe

            Hopefully that’ll be the next referendum. We don’t decide how we enter this world but we sure as hell should have a say in how we leave it. A dog or cat is afforded more dignity and compassion in relation to end of life care than humans are in this country.

      2. Ron Dolan

        Similar experience here too PlumBob.. My mothers death from lung cancer still haunts me.

        My mother smoked from perhaps 14-15 which would have been the early 60’s and did so right up until around 6 years ago. After all the patches, gums and sprays it was a vaper that finally worked for her. She started on a high nicotine dose and went right down to zero nicotine before quitting entirely. Thanks to some dubious deals between pharmaceutical companies and the HSE, these useless ‘quitting aids’ are still being pushed instead of vaping. Vaping is probably not the healthiest but its the difference between perhaps a glass of beer and smoking crystal meth.

        People need to quit and they need to quit now. I smoked for a long time and are seriously concerned about my own lungs. Thankfully I quit a good few years ago but still have nearly 20 years smoking under my belt. I truly believe we need to stop molly coddling cigarette companies and tear them apart. Other substances like cannabis are banned, a substance which can actually be used to make effective treatments for certain conditions and this poisonous filth is still allowed?

        Its an utter disgrace.

  2. Boj

    There’s only one type of Camel I want on father’s day…huh huh huh
    That and some ring flavoured licorice…

    1. Paulus

      The good aul dayz
      all spent in a haze
      of smoke as blue as your language.
      With a a bottle of stout
      to moisten yer mouth
      and nothing but spam in yer sandwich.

  3. scottser

    My ma would smoke rothmans and.read.while I snuggled up to her for a snooze.when I was a kid. Tobacco was always a powerful associative growing up and was the hardest thing to give up until I was told at 45 that I had the lungs of a 70 year old. It’s.a.no brainer for anyone over 40 to give up.

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