In Kilmacanogue


This afternoon.

Kilmacanogue, County Wicklow.

Friends, family and gym mates join the funeral procession for Bray Boxing Club shooting victim Bobby Messett as his coffin is carried into St Mochonog’s Church (top) and later to the church’s graveyard (above) for burial.

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Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews

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32 thoughts on “In Kilmacanogue

    1. Dinny Do Well?

      “I have been appalled by the misuse of my name and image during the reporting of this incident in the media coverage, it has been reckless and irresponsible, and a deliberate attempt to inappropriately leverage my name to sell a story. ” – Katie Taylor

      However, the Taylor family should be mindful how an innocent man died. Katie Taylor needs to f— off and get a sense of perspective.

      1. scottser

        Why? In that speech you quoted she twice expressed her condolences towards messetts family while reiterating that she want nothing to do with her da or the gym. Or would you rather she took responsibilty for the whole sorry incident because she’s kate taylor?

        1. anne

          Her da is a traveller is he? English traveller afaik. He went off with one of her friends, & Katie wasn’t too happy about it.

          1. anne

            are we allowed say Traveller admins? no offence like.. they’re lovely race of people & all that.

          2. Lilly

            I prefer Tinker but we’re definitely not allowed to say that. That’s how they used to earn a living, as tinsmiths, going from farm to farm, fixing the tin buckets used for milking. When did it become pejorative?

        2. Dinny Do Well?

          Her statement was a vehicle for carrying a whinge about her own image. The god stuff and condolences is just pastel-coloured toilet paper for the real poop within.

          But hey, Katie, a few pentacostal prayers and we’ll all be grand, eh?

          1. Lilly

            Don’t know why he bothers regularly changing his username. There’s no hiding that trademark stench.

        1. Dinny Do Well?

          Nothing to do with Katie Taylor? Deal with it. She issued the statement and made it all about her.

  1. Dinny Do Well?

    Where’s Paul Kimmage on boxing and corruption? Bit too easy taking on 8 stone cyclists, isn’t it?

      1. Peter Dempsey

        Most people don’t shoot others. Doesn’t make them any less annoying.

        Katie has never commented in detail on the rift between her and her Dad = annoying.
        Katie’s religious beliefs = annoying
        Katie’s watery statement on this tragedy = annoying

        “And when darkness lifts and the room is bright
        I’ll still be by your side
        For you are all that matters
        And I’ll love you to till the day I die” (The Smiths – The Hand That Rocks The Cradle)

  2. Gabby

    Murder most foul. An innocent boxing partner and keep fit enthusiast was killed by a gunman, who intended to murder Peter Taylor, who was badly wounded and lucky not to die. Another younger boxer was also wounded. Katie Taylor issued a polite statement regretting that her name and image had been used so much in news media coverage of the murder. The running story is about murder and attempted murder and the attempts by Gardai to catch the murderer, not about Katie Taylor, her family ties or her religious views. Comments have gone wildly off topic.

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