12 thoughts on “One For The Road?

  1. Bob

    No one is really bothered by the street drinking it’s the noise the littering and the pissing that gets my goat.

  2. Zaccone

    Dublin really, really needs proper outdoor drinking areas. Theres clearly a huge demand for it with places like outside Kehoes or the Barge being rammed every sunny Thurs/Fri/Sat from May until October.

    1. Diddles

      The bavarians have long crap winters and still manage to designate plenty of urban spaces dedicated to drinking beer in the sun. The pav & the barge aren’t enough

      1. Rob_G

        While I agree with you, the weather in Bavaria is miles better than the weather in Dublin, so I am not so sure how good a basis for comparison it is (they are a full 5 degrees south of us).

        While I am sure that many people would agree with you, I am certain that, if a pub applied for planning permission for a large outdoor drinking area, councillors would be overwhelmed with objections from local residents.

  3. SoLo

    I never understood why this place was so popular. It’s not a bad pub, nice when it’s quiet…

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