Kitchen Closed


Nat King Coleslaw writes:

Absolute gutted. My hero – Anthony Bourdain – dead.

Previously: Bourdain In Dublin

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26 thoughts on “Kitchen Closed

  1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

    Kitchen confidential was a fantastic and touching read, like the man himself a refreshing truth.


      For me it’s that for a time he was in the gutter but not only climbed out he soared. Seems to have grabbed life by the nuts. From the outside he looked to have good mental health.

  2. Iwerzon

    His reportage of Iran was fantastic and was an eye opener. His criticism of US policy and propaganda was enlightening and courageous. Sadly missed..

      1. Bob

        So you’re saying it’s an American conspiracy and wasn’t really suicide? Knew it!

        1. f_lawless

          Is that a Cathy Newman meme? Fair play Bob – 6 months down the line and you’re still gettin mileage out of it!

  3. trev

    One of the greats
    I loved his programmes
    I loved the one in Harbin the best it was just so funny
    He will be sadly missed by all that were not into the emperors new cloths cookery programmes
    His programmes opened my eyes as a chef
    A true great

  4. Junkface

    I knew nothing about him. Which of his shows are best to watch? I’m very interested, always love a good, strong, chefs personality. I need to learn how to cook more dishes too

    1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

      you’ll like his no bull approach, his intensity and practicality…at least I did

    2. trev

      No reservations was I think his best
      The guy was just so free of pretentious shit
      I adored him
      I assume the good food channel on discovery will pay homage by re running his shows which will be a real treat
      Funny enough our new director general Dee Forbes of RTE I think brought his programmes to the discovery channel group when she was in charge
      Maybe she might get RTE to air them they really are great

  5. Itchysays

    So saddened to hear of his death at only 61 years of age…..I eat in Les Halles many times going way back and every subsequent visit to NY until its closure a few years back.

    Whatever about his politics or Travel programmes, his Les Halles Cookbook is a true favourite of mine, probably the most dishes Ive cooked from any book over the years….I urge anyone with a love of classic French Bistro cooking to check it out you’ll love his slant on recipes and use of language !

    Tomorrow I’ll cook Onglet Gascon with Les Halles Fries in his honour…..may you rest in piece Mr. Bourdain.

  6. Johnny

    If you are struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts, please remember that you are not alone. If you need help, reach out.Asking for help is not a sign of weakness or failure,do not be ashamed to ask for help.

    Godspeed Anthony,thank you for some fabolous late nights at Les Halle’s.

    1. Starina

      +1 Johnny

      i know i’m a mean old harridan on here but if any of yiz need a chat i’m a great listener.

  7. Starina

    i only knew him by name, not really anything about him, but Twitter is full today of people telling really lovely stories about meeting him. rest in power, sir.

  8. Lilly

    He was once asked, “what’s the hardest part of your job that no one knows?” “Loneliness,” he said. “I’m on the road about 250 days a year, and I stay in a lot of beautiful places and look out the window at a lot of beautiful views but I am usually alone.”

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