12 thoughts on “De Monday Papers

  1. Ollie Cromwell

    Jaysus – the Telegraph front page gets worse every week.
    A dull picture occupies nearly half the front page and an even duller splash gets shoe-earned into whatever space is left.
    The only half-decent story – Martin Sorrell and the sex person – is tacked on as an after-thought.
    The exodus of their best journalists seems to have spread to the subs’ desk.

  2. Dinny Do Well?

    Relax, the readership of Presbyterian Notes in the Irish Times is a huge multiple of the number of Daily Telegraph subscribers and readers in Ireland. So, we’re talking at least 12 people.

  3. Dinny Do Well?

    The Examiner and Sun aren’t doing any favours to the sensitivities of the family and loved ones of victims are they? Nothing new there.

  4. Deluded

    “Trump’s anger at G7 was show of strength to N Korea”…
    Does anyone care to explain that one to me as the article underneath doesn’t?

    1. Nigel

      As displays of strength goes it’s an incredible display of weakness. Attacking your oldest and closest ally to bolster yourself before sitting down with an autocratic dictator makes the dictator look way more powerful and yourself look craven and disloyal. But I guess the libs got owned so yay!

      1. deluded

        I saw a clip of Fox News referring to an historic meeting between 2 dictators. Bizarre. Maybe it was a slip but it wasn’t corrected.
        Is this what “conservatives” want?
        Is this the mindset of The Telegraph?

    2. Junkface

      Donald Trump is the first Mentally Retarded president in the world! Really, they have got to sort out the impeachment soon, he is doing terrible damage. And he will get a bad deal with North Korea because he knows nothing about Nuclear weapons, and the different processes/stages it takes to desommission them. He could end up backing a deal based on a technicallity that he doesn’t understand at all, allowing North Korea to run a parallel program while looking like they mean business.

  5. Catherine costelloe

    The savage and depraved murder in rural Cork is appalling. It is certainly going to give the Polish press more oxygen to further attack Judge Eileen Donnelly who objected to extradite a polish national on serious drug charges on a European arrest warrant. People in glass houses indeed , Judge Donnelly., preaching to Poland on their justice system. Take a look at ours!

  6. ralph

    I agree Catherine
    This murder is savage and chilling and I do not know
    It has the hall marks of a sadistic gang
    Our gardai really have lost the battle
    We are now hearingb50%or thereabouts accidents on the roads happened without the drivers breathalysed ,by garda
    and few garda can actually chase a get away car as they are not trained to pursue
    We really have serious problems ahead.

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