A Bit Loaves And Fishy


Today’s Irish Independent

Derek writes:

There are precisely nine pages of coverage plus an editorial in today’s Irish Independent on the Pope’s itinerary…….I know the paper is swarming with Opus eaters but NINE fupping pages to mark the release of the Pontiff’s travel plans. and, oh yes, space ‘limited’ to 700,000. I smell desperation on top of the papal bull…


Yesterday: Two Days In August

54 thoughts on “A Bit Loaves And Fishy

          1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            and sure you are taught more about guilt than the actual gospel in the Catholic church anyway

          2. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            I wouldn’t dream of commenting on all the teachings of each different protestant church
            and actually I think it’s all bull :)

  1. Frilly Keane

    any chance they followed Leoseach’s practice
    and did a Paid Advertorial thing over those nine pages

    they have the money to do it

  2. B.M.Zeebub

    As a successful evangelist on American TV, I can’t help but guffaw at those low sales figures, I get twice that number three times a week on my God TV channel.

    What this buckaroo needs is;
    1) A new marketing team
    2) A plentiful supply of cripple children to heal live on TV
    3) A white stetson
    4) A dedicated credit card hotline
    5) A wife with a questionable taste in polyester blouses and a perm
    6) A once a month castin-out-a-demon-a-thon

      1. Brian Harkin

        He’s gone vegan, the big willy – its all ‘ look at me, look at me, I only eat vegetables now’ like a proper fhriggin pop singer, the big show offing ladypart.

        I hate him

  3. Optimus Grime

    Look it’s the Catholics turn now….ye had your marriage equality and your repeal the 8th so now it’s time for some good ole fashioned bible baytin!

    1. bisted

      …I think the catholics have had about 1500 years so far…definitely not their turn…fcuk off…

    1. Brother Barnabas

      what did you lot do to cause the curse in the first place, Harry? was it all that masturbation?

          1. Brother Barnabas

            lots to be said for it, but a lot too to be said for semen retention; preserving essence etc

          2. Brother Barnabas

            opposite effect, apparently

            ladies shouldn’t abstain, men should

            I’m working on it

    1. realPolithicks

      Make that another universe and I think you have it Lilly. The main thrust of this visit and the lead up to it will be a desperate attempt by the catlics to convice everyone that nothing has changed since the last time and they’ll be massaging the numbers every way they possibly can.

  4. Ollie Cromwell

    Isn’t about time thousands of lovely Irish people find a moving statue to gawp at ?

  5. Liam

    First 10 minutes of last nights 9 o’clock news as well (or 40% of the total bulletin)


    1. realPolithicks

      What do you expect, rte is the offical propaganda arm of the catlic church in Ireland.

  6. Dinny Do Well?

    I’m in. I heard the goodie bags are gonna be awesome. Mostly kitkats and snickers bars they can’t use for er, Altar Boy Outreach, due to er, new regulations, but the sell-by date is fine.

    Plus, that bottle of Buckfast will go down well during the sermon.

    1. Viola

      @ soq – can I ask, does it mean anything to you if the CC welcomes gay couples either unmarried or married? I’m not religious but I’d like to know how you feel, no problem if you don’t want to reply.

      1. SOQ

        NP answering and thank you for a genuine question.

        The CC like all homophobic organisations or indeed individuals do not like to think of themselves as being prejudiced or bigoted but they are because it is always on their terms. Welcome on the bus but please sit down the back and, if you and your family don’t sit down the back then we will kick you off. Sound familiar?

        I personally don’t believe God is is any way like the CC. In fact I think that like most of the other religions it has become so corrupted as to mean the complete opposite in our lives.

        1. Viola

          Thank you for replying soq. I agree with all that you’ve said. Nobody should be made to feel inferior, cast out and marginalised, especially by professed men of God. Yet the CC has got away with treating gay people in the most appalling way for generation, it’s so f#cked up and hypocritical.

          If God exists, he/she would welcome one and all with wide open arms, bar the real bad bast*rds. Thanks again.

          1. SOQ

            I know one gay person who is very religious. It never seemed to be an issue until it came into sharp focus on the marriage referendum. He voted No and a lot of people changed their opinions of him because his act was quite selfish.

            He obviously gets a lot out of it but the trade off is that he is internally regarded as being less or even in some way disabled. In my mind that that is an abusive relationship.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      though at least 50,000 of them will be dead by august – 60,000 if we get a hot summer

  7. Martco

    dat Golden Rose place looks like it stocks an impressive selection of statuettes! wonder how much the holy mary one with the led halo is…might even be multifunction, colours, flashing/sweeping modes, u can do great things with leds, bit big tho, Ryanair might do you & make ya put it in the hold if I tried to carry her on

  8. Dinny Do Well?

    Missed opportunity to include the application form for tickets to the Pope’s gig with the ballot paper on May 25.

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