We Don’t Normally Do This



Mark Quinn writes:

A friend of mine has been looking for his pet Peregrine Falcon which has been missing from its pen in Longford for the past month. Today it was spotted in Dublin on the Quays (above)!

Shout out to all the Dublin folk to keep any eye for it and If spotted contact Ronan – longfordfalcon@gmail.com or 087-2976123.  More details here. Thanks Broadsheeters!


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25 thoughts on “We Don’t Normally Do This

  1. steve white

    found a pair of birds legs and a pile of feathers in my garden this morning,… probably a cat?

  2. SOQ

    Sure you’ll get her in Coppers or The George most nights now she’s in the big smoke.

    How do you know it’s a she btw? Good job I’m not a falcon.

  3. Papi

    Something something better lock something scangers it’ll be in Eastern Europe by the end of the day something could you not have dropped her in to the local Centra And so on.
    Gorgeous bird though.

          1. Harry Molloy

            True! But I do love watching Loach for the funny accents the the absolute escapism of it all :-)

  4. D

    Just sent an email, spotted a falcon in Santry twice over the last few weeks. Could be nesting there.

  5. ahjayzis

    Sounds like she escaped and is doing alright for herself, fair play to her!

    I hope she keeps her freedom.

  6. Jonjo

    Imagine your basic instinctive behavior is to fly thousands of miles, hunt other birds, build nests high up in cliff faces or tall buildings and some bloke keeps you in a pen.

    1. SOQ


      The arrogance of some people is breathtaking. It is like those tourist farms for kids where wild animals and birds are jailed for life in awful conditions because a bunch of spoilt brats want to stare at them once a year.

  7. Eoin

    Saw a similar large bird by Keelings farm shop near the back of Dublin Airport yesterday. Assumed it was one that the airport use as they do keep one or two large hawks/falcons there. But it did have the same brown colour to its feathers, so maybe ring the DAA and check!

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