Curve Your Enthusiasm


David writes:

On Wednesday, May 23 in Dublin City Centre I lost my old Blackberry Curve Phone (Black in colour and fairly beaten up) which was a kind of back up for e-mails only to my modern Samsung. Its really only of sentimental value as there are some messages going back some years that I kept.

I have searched high and low via Pearse Street Garda Station and each and every office and shop outlet I called into that day. The phone was found but the problem is that there is no audio audible in or out unless you have ear buds in.

On the second day someone answered it but of course they could not hear me. Whoever found it did not use or abuse the phone as it went a week fully operational (no password needed to use ).

I am offering a €100 reward for its safe return. Any assistance greatly appreciated. Many thanks in anticipation and my best regards.


9 thoughts on “Curve Your Enthusiasm

  1. Murtles

    Ah the Blackberry Curve, a great wee phone back in the day. You needed the fingers of a dwarven elf to type on the keyboard but twas a cracker otherwise. Hope your reunited with it Dave.

  2. Mourning Ireland

    Great phone. Why not text the number with the cost of a “new” unlocked one from A lot less than 100 yo-yos. If Say if it’s busted anyway you’ll cut your emotional loss and buy one with full functionality …


  3. Bernie

    David have you tried one of the ‘Track Your Phone’ apps? They’d give you the GPS coordinates, sometimes the address of where it is.

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