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  1. Shayna

    I’m not altogether convinced about Stephen Hawking’s voice being launched into the stratosphere (how did that work?). Interestingly, (it depends) I was talking to a friend this week about Hunter S. Thompson, following his demise, his ashes were fired from a cannon from his ranch in Colorado, as per his will.
    I guess where there’s a ‘will’, there’s a way?

    1. Bernie

      Hi Shayna, I like the idea of having a loved one’s ashes ‘transformed into a diamond’, is the term, If I remember rightly. Apparently, the carbon is extracted from the ashes in the lab, you can then choose a setting for it, ring, pendant, broach or whatever. Beats hanging around for all eternity, in a cryogenics chamber, that’s for sure ;-)

      1. I Janet, I ate my Avatar

        can you imagine the
        ” we don’t normally do this post ”
        ring found, it’s yer Aunty…

        1. Bernie

          Lol, priceless, hadn’t thought about losing the diamond – on second thoughts, the trusty urn may be a safer bet.

      2. simon

        Apparently Danny Dyer is doing just that, he always wanted to be a diamond geezer.
        For the life of me I just cannot take him seriously since viz magazine took the Michael out of his hard man persona
        And is it just me but east enders seem to base every story around him
        It should be renamed Dannydyerenders

    2. Dinny Do Well?

      The whole voice thing was part of the Hawking Brand. Face it, if he sounded like Hector Ó hEochagáin from Navan would anyone have listened to him?

      I heard that at home and with friends he gave up the Dalek speech synth and had an Ardee accent.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      U2 trying to make themselves relevant by trying to get some column inches on the back of Swift is worse.

      1. realPolithicks

        “U2 trying to make themselves relevant”

        Now you’re just talking through your rear end.

      2. simon

        They do not need to
        After all they were the greatest Irish rock band possibly one of the top ten in the world ever
        Personally I cannot stand bono
        I cannot stand van Morrison
        But I cannot ever deny how great they were
        All these greats will when dead and gone will be remembered like Beethoven and all those classical composers.
        Taylor swift will for ever be remembered if remembered as a show girl
        Take away the stage show and other distractions you have mediocre

  2. Yep

    Odd Bushmills ad on the Times. “Move on, head down old man. Nobody wants to hear your bloody opinion. Pour this down your head to keep you going”

    May have read it wrong.

  3. Ben Redmond

    Bravo to the Spanish court that found guilty a driver who was an accessory to the murder of Hutch. Pronto is the way for justice to proceed in cleaning up these murderers.

  4. Dinny Do Well?

    Utter comedy – not the review, but the fact she went there on expenses and expected something else. Review laced with usual identification politics BS too, redolent of the Irish TImes.

    Catherine Cleary: My worst ever meal as a restaurant reviewer

    Really, does the Irish Times expect Five Guys in George’s Street to be anything other than crud? Get out more.

    As for the rents and gentrification, lets see Fintan O’Toole and Co over this:

    ‘Google go home’: the Berlin neighbourhood fighting off a tech giant


    1. PlumBobSmearPants

      I read that and got a laugh. It’s a burger joint. What the heck did she expect? I mean as fast food burgers go it’s decent enough. Better than most. But c’mon. A restaurant review in the IT?! Farcical.

      1. Bob

        TLDR I don’t know why they even bothered reviewing it Five Guys opened in Dundrum years ago. Also it is a burger joint, manage your expectations.

        I remember from trying it a few years back and thinking it was like a better version of McDonalds but at a much higher price. Free refills from the soft drinks machine that offered all kinds of weird fruit flavoured variations of big brand drinks was fun too. I didn’t feel like I was getting great value for the cost maybe because I got more food than I could eat but probably also I’ve been spoiled by Bunsen. http://www.bunsen.ie

        I tried Five Guys again recently at Georges street and burger was meatier and more substantial than I had remembered. It was dripping with fat, tasty but greasy. My choice of toppings didn’t help either making the burger over moist and disintegrate into a great big mess. It happens and I’m okay with it but plenty of burger places are able to make the burger bun more substantial so it doesn’t disintegrate so much and also making sure the toppings aren’t overly moist.

        The fries were nice and had a real potato quality (jackets and all) that I really appreciated. I had twice as much as I wanted but hopefully I’ll remember next time to only order a small serving or have only a burger. The shake is oversweet sludge but isn’t that the point? And if you want your mikshake to be a mix of oreo, banana, strawberry and bacon (yes bacon) they’ll do that too.

        Yes the music might not be to your taste and the whole place was excessively loud. They could really benefit from a ticket screen like in Argos so they don’t have to repeatedly shout the same orders. Their system clearly isn’t working well for the staff or customers.
        Yes the place has flaws and there are other places I like better but they might be still be struggling to get this new location running smoothly. The burger is fundamentally good and I will probably give it another try but many other options available if it isn’t to your taste.

        1. Dinny Do Well?

          Agreed on Bunsen.

          The real problem here of course is that Cleary has a problem with Trump and his supporters. The Irish Times narrative has to be the seasoning on everbody’s chips or else.

          Review the Una Mullally hipster coffee/donut/street food hell in Camden Street and let us know the agenda, Catherine….

        2. PlumBobSmearPants

          Bunsen is a very good burger alright. Probably the best of in town. Their fries are only alright mind you. Wow burger is a five guys wannabe but misses the mark. In fairness I eat burgers about seven or eight times a year so I’m hardly an expert.

    2. D

      f-o google

      sure, wouldn’t be the first time Germans and blow in cronies tried to clear a bunch of other foreigners out.

  5. Johnny

    There’s Johnny Ronan’s extremely controversial sugar daddy on the front page of the NYT’s again,Colony has over a 1 billion parked in Ireland courtesy of NAMA.
    Appears the only criteria NAMA utilizes when dumping state assets,is holding a mirror up to see if the buyer is breathing and does the check clear,due dilligance ah go way out that.

  6. lazylamb

    Quite comical restaurant review
    What next a review about service station coffee
    What did she expect
    Dusting of truffles foraged by a pedigree pig from Tuscany on the factory made bap

  7. lazylamb

    Cannot wait for the fall out from the consultants wage rise and backdated
    Its set a precedent, remember the luas drivers which led to chaos
    Who advises these ministers or is it the nod and the wink?

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