We Haven’t Gone Away


This morning/afternoon.

Waterfront Hall, Belfast.

Pro-life protestors gather outside the Sinn Féin Ard Fheis. Sinn Féin actively campaigned to repeal the Eighth Amendment. This weekend, it will formally clarify its position on the Government’s plans to legislate for abortion up to 12 weeks.


41 thoughts on “We Haven’t Gone Away

  1. Jackdaw

    Idiots. McLochlainn isn’t even a TD. Someone should ask Peader Tobín does he approve of this. Watch the worm squirm.

  2. lazylamb

    Pro life lobby demonstrating out side the conference of the political wing of the provisional IRA and inside a exPLO terrorist addresses the delegates spouting the usual bile
    Maybe its time to reveal where the disappeared are buried

    1. Friscondo

      What? The usual bile about Israel committing the equivalent of 4 Bloody Sunday’s in one day in Gaza recently. If the mass murder of unarmed protesters is your thing, then you’re the one with the “bile” issues. Your lack of basic decency is appalling. I see the Israeli embassy is in the comments section again.

  3. Dinny Do Well?

    So what? SF/IRA pursued a post-natal abortion agenda for Brits in camouflage for years. That HAS gone away. Be grateful and stop whinging.

          1. Dinny Do Well?

            Burns night comes early. If you scrape through their courses I heard you were awarded a Third Degree Burns.


  4. SOQ

    I wonder how many of those protesters believe in an united Ireland where NI will have the same laws as ROI? Or are they same as the Orange where they reserve the right to be 60-70 years behind the UK ‘mainland’?.

    No matter what the poles say, NI is more homophobic, more racist and more misogynist than either Britain or the rest of Ireland. The fact that 3 out of 4 of the main political parties are anti Choice and SF talks gingerly about the subject should be all the evidence anyone needs.

      1. SOQ

        Whatever about the past, SF’s current partition mindset is worth examining.

        Being Irish is a bit like pregnancy, either you are are or you are not. When it came to the red line of marriage or language flag waving, we know what won in NI. But sure it’s only the gays, we’ll get to them later.

      2. C(o)untery Boy

        @ Socky:
        Thank God you got to the bit about the Gays eventually.
        It doesn’t always take this long for you to come
        forward with your massive agenda.

        1. I deserve a medal

          Don’t mind me.
          I’m Irish.
          It’s a bit like being pregnant.
          You understand. I know you do.
          You said so.

          No hard feelings, okay?I

    1. SOQ

      @SF. Back in the day,

      Queen University students union was the only NI venue which ensured dance music fans from west Belfast had wheelchair access?

  5. petey

    good on those protesters, not that nationalist detourners like SF should matter a damn.

    1. SOQ

      SF t-shirts in Belfast Pride 2018? You’ll be seeing a lot less of them than previous years. An absolute certainty.

  6. Repealer Bertie

    Nice to see the Retainers got to reuse their posters.

    Same posters same result though.

  7. Chris

    What a lovely progressive bunch, honestly all the heartwarming tales and open arms, sometimes I think feck it, let’s just pack up all our things and move North!

  8. Daisy Chainsaw

    A bunch of fascist, antidemocratic thugs… and Sinn Fein.

    The goreporn nazis need to fupp the hell off.

    1. SOQ

      South Armagh housing planning is pretty much a east Germany policy before the wall.

      You won’t get anything approved unless an important from SF waves the high hand.

  9. Gabby

    Will abortion bring about a United Ireland? Is Hamas a pro-life party? Will Kim Jong-il win the Nobel prize? Will the Pope visit the Orange museum in Belfast?

  10. Frilly Keane

    Its not just the recently redundant No Campaigners knocking about the Shinners Ard Fheis

    I smell Arlene and the Orange Order big time here

  11. Seaniewho

    Vile,cretinous creeps and any with kids should have threats sent thath they be taken into care. Showing them this violence porn .Sickening.

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