Where There’s A Will


From top: Gillian, Janet and Will at Connolly Station last night; Janet and Will on the east coast; and with Sean from charity ‘As I Am’.

Further to yesterday’s ‘Pop-Up charity Run‘ post.

Will, who is running half-marathons in every city of culture in Europe, writes:

When I woke up yesterday morning. I had zero motivation.

I hadn’t got the final agreement with any local charity.

I had received tons of messages from runners apologising for being injured.

And on top of that, the entire day, it was cold, cloudy, even drizzling at time.

But then the magic happened.

I got a call from Sean working at [autism charity] “AS I AM” saying a big YES for a partnership.

Then Janet Cole [aka ‘Janet, I Ate My Avatar’ from Broadsheet] and Gillian showed up on time.

Janet had helped me so much with accommodation and sight seeing the day before that I wasn’t really expecting her to be present today.

Gillian hadn’t planned to run at all. However, when she got done with work, saw the event, got her running gear ight away and showed up.

Also, the weather changed dramatically. 30 minutes before the race, it started to be warmer and warmer, clouds blew off and it turn out to be a gorgeous day.

My original plan was to run in north Dublin and to go back to our meeting point.
But Gillian convinced me to push the envelope to the most scenic part of Dublin, along the coast. This race was just glorious.

Donations HERE

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20 thoughts on “Where There’s A Will

  1. mildred st. meadowlark

    Well done folks! Fair play. I’m delighted you had a great evening for it.

  2. Ironballs McGinty

    Saw y’all bombing along by Fairview Park at a fair ‘aul clip! Fair dues! :)

  3. Spud

    Lovely evening, and great idea to run along the coast. Well done to all!

    See, there’s great people here in Broadsheet in the comments section, despite what some people say…

  4. Brother Barnabas

    well done all!

    J – link for donations is a facebook page… any alternative?

    and who won the race?

    1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

      Sean from As I Am is working on a new website so that’s why link is on that fb page
      the real winners are all the charities;)
      Seriously fair play to Gillian and Will my ankle wasn’t happy enough to compete with those two whippets!
      Currently on ice ;)
      Any cork heads who can join in you’ll have lots of fun
      Will can chat for Ireland at any speed lol

          1. Brother Barnabas

            yeah was going to comment earlier that janet’s a right little ride – but didn’t think that was permitted

            seeing as you’ve said it first though

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