Broadsheet on the Telly TONIGHT (10pm)


Staying in?

Broadsheet on the Telly returns tonight at 10pm with our 70th episode streaming LIVE above and on our YouTube channel.

Join old friends, surprise guests and domestic pets as we devour the news of the week from home and ‘abroad’.

Matters under discussion will include the MacGill geezer fiasco, Body & Soul, Cannabis Oil, British Royal family love-bombing and The Disclosures Tribunal.

‘Unwholesome’ language inevitable.

Fuck**g sorry.

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27 thoughts on “Broadsheet on the Telly TONIGHT (10pm)

  1. CoderNerd

    Dear Broadsheet and associated people,

    I was watching a video of Catherine Corless and some of the Tuam abuse victims, wondering why something is not being done about it.
    Considering the uproar of Trump’s government taking children from their parents, we went one better and sold them off yet there’s no court case about it that I know of.
    Would it be possible to ask Catherine Corless to come onto BOTT occasionally and give updates and we can ask her what we can do to help?


  2. Johnny Keenan

    Hi CN
    I think one of the best episodes we had was the one with Catherine Corless.
    Although we couldn’t see her we defiantly heard her.
    She said some very interesting facts that need to be heard.
    It’s very obvious that the establishment aided and abetted by the main stream media would like her to go away.
    I hope she comes back on with us soon.
    What a great woman and patriot.
    You can watch Catherine’s contribution here start at 51 minutes in

    There is plenty more on Catherine and The Tuam Babies on the sheet if you check the BS search engine.

    Thanks for your interest and support

    1. CoderNerd

      Thanks Johnny, I entirely agree.
      The lack of coverage in MSM is disgraceful, so any updates from Broadsheet is appreciated.

      1. rotide

        By Lack of Coverage , do you mean ‘It was everywhere in the media at the time, I just didn’t bother reading it’?

        1. CoderNerd

          Is it over?
          What’s happening about it now?
          That’s the lack of coverage I mean.

          Don’t you work for The Irish Times?
          Anyone writing updates on it?

        1. CoderNerd

          All this nudity on screen infuriates me.
          I sit there watching the screen, shaking my fist all night!

          (Stolen from Stewart Francis)

        2. SOQ

          Ah we’ll save the rainbow tassels to next Thursday, I nominate Nessy and Johnny. John R and Olga can show us their pole dancing routines.

          Moderation in 3..2..1..

  3. SOQ

    Hillary is in town? The BS conspiracy brigade must be fuming. How many live children will she eat while she is here? Meanwhile Mrs Trump visits imprisoned immigrants. Pole ratings must be dire so.

      1. SOQ

        Yes that one. Clearly a conspiracy as to how she got the deep state ankle bracelet past customs.

          1. SOQ

            Can you sing? Grace Jones vocal range as an absolute minimum. We have high standards. And low ones too obviously.

          2. SOQ

            On second thoughts we’ll be holding Irish Water style compentecy based interviews, it doesn’t matter how qualified or experienced you are if you can’t answer all questions in a STAR format.

          3. SOQ

            Can you play the cello while tapping out a 4*4 beat with light bulb up your bum on a kitchen Sink? We’re going for a Leigh Bowery kind of vibe.

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