Free Tomorrow?


The Waits is over!

Bone Machine play the music of Tom Waits at the Grand Social, Lower Liffey Street, Dublin at 8pm

Barry writes:

The world of Mr Waits is uniquely presented with a characteristic authority rarely harnessed by mere mortals … Bone Machine are a band of internationally renowned touring and recording musicians that perform a firebrand, melancholic, and punk jazz set of Tom Waits songs.

The band comprises Jack Healy on vocals and social strategy, Martin O’Malley on guitars and sonic sculpting, Jon O’Connell on bass and positive vibes and Adam Shapiro on drums and rhythmic karma….

Bone Machine Play The Music of Tom Waits

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4 thoughts on “Free Tomorrow?

    1. Specific Gravity

      He’s getting on a bit now, Harry. Will be 70 next year. I took it that his trio of gigs here in 2008 would be his swan song, so anything more would be a bonus.

      There used to be a great Tom tribute band called Carnival Saloon that played regularly in Slatterys and Whelans. Hope this is as good.

    2. Otis Blue

      Well he seems keen on Ireland.

      “My wife’s part Irish. Brennan. So we spent our honeymoon crawling up and down the shoulders of Ireland for the last three weeks. Best thing that ever happened to me.”… “We stayed in an old house, used to be owned by William Blake. Radio was busted, so we called down to the guy on the desk but he’d gone to get parts for the radio. Didn’t come back for four days. Just great. They live at my level of incompetence. We fit in real well there.”… “I’ve been all over the world, every city in America and I feel like I don’t know anyplace. Some name comes up in conversation and I can say, ‘Oh, I’ve been there.’ But I don’t know anything, never see anything. You’re so insulated, usually you get no time to find a neighbourhood where you feel comfortable. You learn to wear your home on your back. It’s strange and peculiar mostly. That’s why I liked Ireland. My wife and me stayed three weeks.” (Source: “Tom Waits: Waits And Double Measures”. Smash Hits magazine by Johnny Black. March 18, 1981) was

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