She Is Among Us (Updated)


This morning/afternoon.

Trinity College Dublin.

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivering a public lecture in the Edmund Burke lecture theatre ahead of an honorary doctorate ceremony.

Ankle monitor (out of picture)

Sam Boal/RollingNews


This afternoon

Former President of Ireland Mary Robinson and Mrs Clinton speaking in expressive conversation following the former Us Secretary of State’s lecture in the Edmund Burke theatre.


This afternoon.

We’re with her.

She so cray cray.


171 thoughts on “She Is Among Us (Updated)

    1. Dhaughton99

      Also a reptilian shapeshifter, that’s why she doesn’t sweat. Oh, and Benghazi.

    1. bisted

      …if she would agree to turn up at the MacGill Summer School she’d really be in the money…

      1. Cian

        …she won the popular vote. She got 2.9 million more votes than trump. However she won fewer States – so didn’t win overall.

        1. Johnny

          Bernie had killer mike from run the jewels live as a warm up,she had a U2 song,that’s why she lost oh and the “slut shaming” finality caught up to her,the “kids” on college campuses all over US had no time for her or her predatory hubby.

        2. bisted

          …well, you guys know the reasons much better than I do…but hey…look on the bright side…there are loads of people alive today that would be dead otherwise…she lost though…

          1. jusayinlike

            Child snatchers like Dan Laseter, Roger Clinton and best mate Billy “the rapist” Clinton..

  1. Ollie Cromwell

    As there are no Irish universities in the top 100 of global rankings giving away degrees is just about all they’re good for these days.
    Do they have honours degrees in ploughing ?
    Asking for a bogger friend.

    1. Emily Dickinson

      Indeed. Column inches and photos everywhere regurgitating the PR. Doubtless flattering coverage of herself on the news tonight. Meanwhile no one seems to be asking why we have one of the most wretched third-level sectors in the western world.

        1. Emily Dickinson

          Maybe, you’re right. Maybe it’s just a lack of investment. I’m certainly in no position to judge. But it would be interesting to see some hard figures comparing what’s being spent at places like UCD and Trinity versus similar institutions in other European capitals. Even if there’s no story, it would still be more a story than the panto of giving celebs honorary scraps of paper.

  2. Huey Luas on the News

    The Martha Stewart of American Politics.

    “It’s my turn”

    Thanks for giving us Trump. It’s your fault.

    1. pedeyw

      Bernie wouldn’t have done much better. If they didn’t vote for a white woman they definitely wouldn’t vote for an atheist Jewish man who self describes as a socialist.

        1. Johnny

          Martin O’Malley x gov Maryland (term limits) x mayor Baltimore ran a great campaign,he would be considered a front runner,strong Irish connections but allegations abounded that he had a wandering eye like JFK.
          I caught Bernie playing Washington Square Park,NY on a warm summers night.The warm up was the line up to Coachella,hip hop artists,DJ’s,alternative bands.The crowd spilled over into all the streets in the village,community activists,hipsters,hippies,NYU students,basically most the downtown crowd and minorities from Bronx,Brooklyn,Queens.
          Probably best political rally I’ve attended,stench off weed everywhere,cops on horseback,really loud music…. and Bernie it was amazing:)
          It was 10,000 a head go see Hillary at the plaza with Noel Rock, the same evening-and people wonder why !

        2. :-Joe

          I’ve heard of anything from clinton again to oprah to kanye after a sex change… but it won’t matter because drumpf will get a second term and by then he’ll probably find a way to stay on for a third term like putin or kim kong kardashian’s butthole.

          Otherwise, it’ll be Sen. Elizabeth Warren if they can pull their heads out of their asses in time.

          On the surface it’s hard to find serious flaws with her but she’s just another career political operator at best and really just more of the same change on the outside but business as usual on the inside and free psychedelic fascism for everyone as usual.

          Sounds crazy to most but think about it, the president is not elected by the public, they are allowed to run by the system in a two horse race that the wealthy power brokers back(usually both) and gamble their money on getting control of the freak show.

          The democrats and republicans are the same as ff/fg, in that they represent two halves of the same whole ideology i.e. the illusion of power through voting in a binary choice between one half or the other of the same thing. The “whole” or two sides of the same thing only represent themselves and private capital and corporate business interests way before anything to do with citizens who vote.

          If you’re confused about that being positive or negative, it is really bad for everyone except private capital or corporate interests.

          The whole system is a fraud within a bigger fraud within… an inception?.. and so on… but it all still needs to be changed.


  3. SOQ

    Remember when she was really sick and apparently dying during the campaign?

    She must have went to lourdes so

  4. postmanpat

    I always thought it weird that she and Bill look the same. Sort of like the same way Millhouse’s parent do in the Simpsons.

  5. Johnny

    Is that Noel Rock holding HRC’s handbag?
    He was a ubiquitous presence at her Brooklyn headquarters,grinning like a fool and unashamedly photobombing like a high teenager,a total cringe inducing embarrassed to Ireland.

    1. ReproBertie

      Magdalene laundries, industrial schools, symphysiotomy, direct provision, thousands of homeless children living in hotels and the Healy Raes we can deal with but Noel Rock working for Hilary in Brooklyn is “a total cringe inducing embarrassed to Ireland”.

      1. Johnny

        I had look away,it was awful,I think I’m suffering some PTSD-I didn’t even mention his rosacea or permanent red face like an old alcoholic-see I can be charming and witty :)

        1. Yep

          To be fair, he’s doing the work now. Apart from the odd tasteless joke he doesn’t seem so bad.

          1. Johnny

            He’s a one trick pony or one hit wonder,barely scraped in last time,doubt he gets relected.
            Whines in interviews about the being the only working class lad,in FG-Captain Stating The Bleeding Obvious-he’s like the token woman/minority on some boards-hey look FG has a working class chap !

          2. Yep

            I agree with that assessment and argue the only reason he got in was the expansion of the constituency but….ticket tout bill was solid and made some good noises about min booze prices.

            Haven’t met him myself but people who have say he seems very genuine and is very accessible. I could see him going again.

  6. Ollie Cromwell

    So the Honduran government has confirmed that the little girl pictured crying that made the latest cover of Time magazine was not separated from her mother at the border.
    The couple were picked up in a border town where the child’s mother has applied for asylum.
    The child’s father remains with the couple’s other children in Honduras where he has a full-time job.
    Meanwhile,the executive order Trump signed this week opens the door to him using a tactic Obama used in 2014: the wide-scale detention of immigrant families for as long as it took to complete their immigration cases and deport them.
    Fake news by a complicit pro-Clinton US media is what helped get Trump elected and it will ensure his re-election for a second term.

    1. Huey Luas on the News

      Did you check Zara have that Dont Care miliary parka in your size (big arse)?

      The story has been clarified ––but that children were separated from their parents is an undeniable fact.

    2. Catherine costelloe

      Yes, read that. I’m sure her three young sons that she left behind miss her dreadfully . The little girl was crying as it was 11 pm and she was exhausted.

  7. Junkface

    Lock up your Pizza Restaurant basements!

    of course I am joking, that ridiculous conspiracy theory was moronic in the extreme.

  8. John f

    One has to wonder why Paul Murphy and co are not staging massive protests in response to her visit?
    She was instrumental in all the wars the US has started and been involved in the last 2 decades. Hell they were in the area holding an anti-Trump demonstration.

      1. Termagant

        How can you even vaguely imply that the Secretary of State doesn’t bear substantial responsibility for foreign policy? Two decades is overegging it by about a decade but Libya and Syria rest squarely on her shoulders.

        1. Nigel

          Sure but why do people keep leaving out the second Iraq War? The most catastrophic US foreign policy failure for decades arguably causing the instability that still rocks the entire region and gave us the gift of ISIS. Republicans lied their way into it on a wave of patriotism. Death toll in six figures. Ring any bells?

          1. Termagant

            Oh absolutely, rings all of my bells. But Donald Trump didn’t start that war, he’s never started any wars. And it didn’t seem during the campaign, and it doesn’t seem now, like he’s really interested in starting any wars. Meanwhile without the benefit of purposeful US intervention in Syria (which would have contiued and escalated if Hillary was in the White House) the whole situation has pretty much wound itself up, we’re very close to seeing peace there.

            Granted, they’re still assisting the Saudis to bomb the puck out of civilians in Yemen but hey, baby steps.

          2. Nigel

            I’m not sure a pro-Putin right-wing demagogue stoking hard-right xenophobia in the middle of a refugee crisis Putin seems only interested in worsening is better than someone definitely more hawkish than I like but who at least wouldn’t openly cosy up to hard men murderers and despots. Granted there’s Saudi Arabia, but with Trump there’s SA going wtf AND those other charmers.

          3. jusayinlike

            You’re not sure of anything anymore..


            Viva peace in Syria, credit to Putin for smashed ISIS..

          4. Termagant

            Since you’re not sure I’ll give you a hand: a president causing problems in his own country is better for us than a president causing problems abroad, because abroad is where we live. What kind of migrant crisis do you think we’d be looking at right now if Hillary hadn’t cracked Libya like an egg? A farewell to casual regime-toppling as a key component of US foreign policy is more than worth a little shady business in the upper echelons of government in a country we don’t even live in.

          5. Termagant

            What problems is he causing you? How would you ranking them against those experienced by, say, a modern-day slave sold in Libya?

  9. harry

    They need to fumigate trinity after her visit
    Nixon gave you Watergate
    Hillary gave us fumigate

    1. bisted

      …in fairness…honouring warmongers and tax dodgers like crooked Hillary seems to be pretty universal among universities and doesn’t seem to do them any harm…

  10. :-Joe

    Clinton was a completely useless, selfish, narcissistic, nuisance to everyone she ever had contact with her whole career.

    Always doing far more damage than any modicum of good(mostly at all) while putting her many failed ambitions first and also second, lining her pockets at every opportunity from every scumbag like herself in the world willing to pay for access to her cash for favor’s racketeering schemes. Always manipulating with her access to power through scams like the clinton foundation for example.

    Everything that had to endure her involvement showed she was at least consistent. In masquerading as democracy, politics, policy-making, campaigning for rights and issues and her early work as a lawyer learning all the tricks and loop-holes to be abused repeatedly in later life for her various selfish pursuits of power and control.

    Everything she was ever involved in was solely for her own benefit and often at the expense to the whole population of the US and in many ways repeatedly vicious, mean and cruel and she shows no remorse.

    Worst of all, she allied herself closely with another previous secretary of state and war criminal, Henry Kissinger and was just as evil, hawkish and brutally inhumane in every sense.

    I don’t enjoy saying this but if she was hung by her neck for a year in a town square anywhere on this planet it would be harsh but for many and especially in certain cultures directly on the end of her actions, way too good for her. The untold death and destruction she let loose on innocent children, women and men with her fascist antics is deplorable. As much as I despise drumpf he has a long way to go before coming close to her.

    Along with Kissinger, Blair, Bush, Obama and others on the official, factual, well known and talked about short list of the worst that are still alive, she would not pass the Nuremberg trials or survive any basic test of justice in any real court.

    A Corrupt, Evil, War Criminal and a glowing symbol of much that is wrong in humanity. A rare breed indeed.

    I laugh to myself and sometimes at people directly who think she should have won after losing to Obama(change on the outside status quo on the inside) and it would have been better than drumpf and all your various excuses for everything that went wrong.

    People maybe ignorant or coerced enough to vote for an orange clown but when Clinton and the failed status quo was the alternative, was it not possible that they collectively just voted that they had had enough of the same old lies and repeated beatings without morale improving since the 1950’s?

    If you still think she was hard done by, you are nothing short of ignorant about reality and fact.

    Here’s someone, one of many, who while being very amusing, isn’t an uneducated, uninformed, youtube conspiracy theorist who has researched, analysed, spoken publicly and written extensively about all the related issues surrounding her and what I’ve said above here:
    – If you look for the full CSPAN episode from the 90’s it’s hilarious with callers dialing in opinions a la Joe Duffy etc.

    If you look up the documentary film about blair and his war crimes “The Killing$ of Tony Blair” she features with a starring role in it too.

    Hopefully she will be given an honest and fair trial one day, then subsequently tried for her war crimes like the rest of the guilty parties and scumbags all over the place.


    1. Nigel

      No-one ever accused the Republican smear machine of being ineffective or the misogynist left of being not misogynist enough.

      1. :-J


        I’ve had a few beers, brain is a bit slow for the night that’s in it but that seems confusing…

        Will you expand on that for my benefit of understanding, if nothing else?…


        1. Nigel

          Obama’s interventions in North Africa were disastrous but they mostly get brought up by people who maintain that Clinton and Obama are part of a paedophile ring that Trump is working to bring down with Mueller. This may be you or it may not but it got tedious a while ago.

          1. :-Joe

            The facts of Clinton’s actions have nothing to do with misogyny, conspiracy theory or conservatism biases.

            All the information is there in front of you, out in the open, clear as daylight if you choose to pay attention to the reality of it.


          2. Nigel

            The guy agreeing with you thinks she’s part of a paedophile ring. How is an honest assessment of her possible with people like that spewing lies about her? How can an honest assessment of her possible without taking it into account?

          3. jimmy

            their actions destabilised Libya and other countries and now we see in Europe the flood of migrants
            And we will be having to up our intake as good Europeans into the tens of thousands

          4. Nigel

            Do you no longer think Clinton and Obama are part of a pardophile ring or are you being cagey?

          5. :-Joe

            @Nigel Obama didn’t want her anywhere near him after her racist attempts to undermine him but he had little choice in terms of keeping enemies and political party threats close and under some control.

            The truth about Obama is not much better than her either, he continued and was involved in more military operations, wars, mass-murders than bush jr. before him. Change on the outside and status quo, corporate business as usual on the inside. I was duped by hope and all the sophisticated brand messaging too, for about 5 minutes.. so, don’t feel bad. Shame on me, you and us all etc. etc.

            You know you can just choose to ignore or engage with people if you think they are spouting nonsensical rumours without any basis in factual evidence, don’t you?…

            At the same time there is actual free and readily available factual evidence worth looking at but you have to want to find it and disseminate the lies from the truth and find better and more reliable sources of information bit by bit, little by little until you are more certain. Rinse and repeat -ad infinitum.

            Handy bonus tip: The search for the truth goes on and on forever and there is no final clear answer to anything and there never will be. It’s endlessly expanding and it’s great.

            You don’t need to even consider the fantasy stories when you start with the actual facts, her career is a consistent repetition of her character traits at every point from start to finish. A selfish, irresponsible, socio -psychopathical thirst for power and control motivated by nothing but her own desire to fulfill her ambitions. Failing miserably at every opportunity like some sort of secret apology and sadomasochistic self harm.

            Clinton has no real credible achievements from her whole career worth mentioning. It’s a litany of bad decisions with disastrous consequences and without caring, without remorse, without humility and without making amends for anything she has done wrong.

            Clinton supporters are just ignorant of her real history and foolish to allow themselves to be deluded into ignoring her repeated and well-documented behavior and actions. Otherwise they must be just as mentally deranged as she is.

            The fantasy conspiracy theories and stories are all born out of a long and well documented history of the US mounting campaigns of disinformation to intentionally obfuscate and confuse the voting public about the truth. Again, this is not another theory from youtube it is one of the many well documented real conspiracies and 100% fact.

            “What happened”, the egotistical arrogant title of her recent book -(soon after the humiliating loss to a scumbag masquerading as a demented Tango advert come to life), was not meant as a question but I’ll have a go at answering it.

            @clintons People haven’t completely forgotten what you’ve done in the past and it’s all, slowly but surely, catching up to you. Your legacy begins with “War Criminal” but as of right now, not yet convicted outside the court of public opinion based on the known truth and historical fact.

            Also, where are our rock n’ stroll defenders of global human rights and Irish cool now?
            Bono?.. Geldof?..

            or even John Waters and the baby savers like the iona bible institute of fun-da-MENTAL-ist cases?..

            A very selective bunch of human rights defenders indeed…


          6. Nigel

            Yeah I get that a lot of the bitterness and disproportionate hate comes from people who somehow missed the fact the a mainstream liberal in the US is centre-right hawkish over here.

          7. :-Joe

            Fer fupps-sake Nigel, bitterness and hatred is what your hearing?..

            You should try living with me for a week… I’m actually going out of my way to be decent. -Pick any of your favorite fifty-two stretches if you really want the truth, it’s your choice but heed my warning…

            I don’t believe in being right or wrong about anything most of the time but trying to have a reasoned debate or a healthy argument(or even a shite laugh) with you about this is tedious.. and I mean no personal offense but you keep banging on about every challenging point as if it comes from your own inability to accept that you are not 100% right in your understanding, thinking and opinion or argument.

            If you don’t understand that criticism of “up” does not mean that I must be a fundamentalist “down”-er then there is no hope for understanding between us.

            Never mind the bigger problem of hope in this country to be able to one day speak openly about issues from a point of balanced consensual factual understanding.

            I wish you well all the same… but with this…




            ..and other cliches…

            GL&HF.. or just try and stay sane…


          8. :-Joe

            @Nigel, forgot to mention…. and again, for fupps sake get real..

            The US democrats are not liberals in any technical, colloquial, classical, historical sense or in any other legal meaning of the word.

            The democrats were centre right under bill clinton and before but since then they have become the centre-right at worst on the outside / extremely right wing conservative party on the inside.

            The tea party lunatics have dragged the illusion of republican/conservatism from broken, corrupt and failing directly into fundamentalist insanity.

            Hence, their growing support of a non-republican non-F-ing anything, orange flavoured brain hemorrhage.

            The republicans used to be centre-right / right-wing conservative but were hijacked by the fundamentalism made up of religulous-ness, sexism, bigotry, racism and facism that was unleashed under the desperate election campaign of bush sr.

            The real conservative movement did not want anything to do with bush sr. so his campaign manager mobilised all the insane extremist people who were not typical voters and now the so-called traditional republicans or any real conscientious conservatives are few and far between… in the media landscape at least…

            Anyway, It’s all bullshit and it’s bad for ye…..


          9. Nigel

            All I know is that low voter turn-out has driven the successes of the hard right from Trump to Brexit. High voter engagement repealed the 8th. Feck cynicism and both-sideism if your response to the rise of Trump is to relentlessly attack his critics and opponents then what good are you? This may not be you of course. Sorry for being tedious. Your insights aren’t as enervating as you seem to think.

      2. :-Joe

        Nigel get real…
        On second thought… (A rare thing for me while the world cup is on, c’mon ISLAND!!!! Thunderclap etc.)

        The republican / conservative / right etc etc has been hi-jacked by the tea party but long before that the fundamentalists who were empowered by the weak-ass bush sr campaign because the conservative base at the time didn’t trust a fair-weather entitled republican from wealthy green-belt Massachusetts.

        Trump is the result of that spineless gestation and real conservatives are just as pissed of as real liberals, progressives, social anarchists, anarcho-syndicalists.. etc. or decent common sense people in general.


        P.S Broadsheet.. Love you and all bt your dictionary is fupped up.

          1. :-Joe

            The real conservatives are not at all fine with drumpf.

            In fact they are trying hard to win back their own party in the US by, for example, voting for democrats against drumpf supporting candidates if necessary.

            To be fair, many republicans who claim they are conservatives are either afraid of standing up to power or are happy to watch the world burn while they line their pockets at every opportunity.


          2. Nigel

            What a coincidence that it also describes Trump.

            Joe it is nice to see the blame for Trump being placed at the feet of conservatives where it belongs.

          3. jusayinlike

            or lackluster dems who decided to nominate a blatant criminal therefore handing the presidency to Trump, a stooge who ran with no policies..

          4. :-Joe

            It’s more than complicated but to lay the blame squarely at the feet of republicans is naive.

            America is run by corporations, the presidency is just a focal point for your attention like a royal family type scenario to keep you distracted from seeing behind the curtain where all the real decisions are being made by the billionaires, for example, like robert mercer and friends via steve bannon are doing today.

            America stopped being any kind of healthy working democracy(in the colloquial sense) a long long time ago.. was it before or after the peak economic growth of the 50’s… before or after a world war?.. I’m not sure when exactly..

            I’m not even sure it technically ever really was or became one the more I think about it but it certainly isn’t one at the moment and sure what do I know, eh?…


          5. Nigel

            I would say that since Trump has gutted health care and slashed environmental and consumer protections and rolled back financial regulations and launched a trade war and undermined long-standing alliances and manufactured an immigration crisis through the demonisation of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers, the idea that the US presidency is an empty role with no real power is obviously wrong. The hard right think democracy works just fine, look what they’ve achieved, while the disillusioned stay at home and think that everything getting worse proves democracy is broken and they were right not to vote.

  11. Lilly

    What is Robo doing sharing a platform with Hilary? Is it safe to assume she, as Chancellor, endorsed her honorary doctorate? How disappointing.

    1. bisted

      …was thinking that myself until I remembered that she was labour party gene pool…wasn’t even comrade Gilmore revealed by WikiLeaks to be up at the US embassy briefing the yanks/zionists…and, surprise surprise…Squee has decided to have another term as President even though he had vehemently stated that he would only seek one term…but then…sure isn’t that the kind of thing you tend to say during an election…

  12. Catherine costelloe

    Wouldn’t she dress up a bit? Those dull pant suits look better on Kim Jong.

        1. Catherine costelloe

          I didn’t know that but she dresses like Angela Merkyl. Flat shoes and pant suit. I think she could dress way prettier!

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