Never Waste An Opportunity



This afternoon

Fergus writes:

Irish Water at it again aided and abetted by RTÉ fupping News…

A drought in Ireland after a few days? Do they take us for complete idiots?


Irish Water lowers night-time water pressure in Dublin as heatwave continues (RTÉ)

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  1. ivan

    Seeing as we’re not paying for water now, why the aggro?

    And jaysus, it’s not hard to fathom that there are certain reserves of water, and the traffic is one way on them – out – and potentially higher than normal becuase people consume more water to keep hydrated in this weather, and that’s before you’ve eejts filling paddling pools and watering their plants.

    Yes, it’s quite amazing that in a country where we’ve so much sodding rain that the reserves are so low but there you go.

    1. Rob_G

      If only there was some mechanism that resulted in people who used more water paying some sort of higher charge to discourage excessive use at times like this…

      1. Boj

        Like most other entities in this country, the money does indeed go in (for decades in some cases) but nothing ever comes out the other side….maybe it leaked too?

      2. Dinny Do Well?

        Like golf clubs and the serially appalling men and women who use their courses. Building houses on the land would be a start.

        1. Rob_G

          Well, I would hope that golf courses would scale back their use of water at these times, too. Though they pay for their water, so they already have an incentive to conserve it, unlike domestic users currently.

        2. Topsy

          Dinny: Educate yourself, get a few bob in your pocket & then you’ll be able to afford to join a golf club. Otherwise use one of the 3 public courses in Dublin .

    2. Alan

      The real issues is the leaks, and the fact that addition reservoir capacity hasn’t be added in donkey years to cover n increase in population in Dublin. the expectation is, “sure it always rains in Ireland, why would you need the capacity”

      1. Cian

        or possibly, you know, the (unusual) lack of rainfall over the last 6 week and the forecast for a few more weeks of no rain.
        Let’s reduce pressure now and ensure the supply we have is sufficient.- rather than binging now and having no water to August.

      2. dondon

        all those years of an extra 2%on VAT that was put on the 21%rate to provide for water infrastructure and never used for that purpose
        Where did it go?
        Public sector pay ?
        Public sector pensions?
        TDs nest eggs?
        To offset incompetence?
        To balance the budgets?
        To pay for waste?
        We need an answer and we need accountability
        More than this a country that has massive rainfall after a few days without rain is suddenly transformed into an African desert,
        Not acceptable
        Soon we will see the Oxfam type adverts of little Seamus in Ofaly walking a mile to a stand pipe for water

      3. Giggidygoo

        You’re talking too much sense Alan. That won’t go down well with a few lugs here

    3. Jonner

      you are paying for it. The cost of running IW and capital cost of projects comes out of tax take

    4. dondon

      IVAN since the 1990s the VAT rate was increased from 21%to23% to pay for water
      Rather than rates
      That 2%extra VAT put on many products and services was for water
      We are paying but its going into central taxation
      So basically the money has been misappropriated

  2. Rob_G

    How did people like Fergus share their expert hydrological insights before the internet – I guess they just bored strangers in pubs.

  3. Stephen F

    I believe it has been longer than a ‘few days’ since there has been a significant rainfall event. Where do you think the rain comes from?

    The water infrastructure in this country is creaking at the seams and needs investment, in the meantime, the general population needs to start conserving the water we do have (I saw an old guy watering his grass with a hose on Monday, madness). Metered water charges kill both these birds with one stone, as well as saving us the fines we are paying to Europe under the polluter pays legislation..

    1. dondon

      It comes from the sky and 40% of this water leaks through pipes that were never maintained over the years because the authorities decided not to spend money from VAT that was increased to 23% from21% to pay for this
      This misappropriated money went where
      Now take January 2018 2.4 billion in VAT collected in that month
      So say 10%of that was the extra 2% that makes in that month at least 240 million euro
      Say 100 million euro to be conservative in one month
      So times that by 12 months of 100million a month
      That’s 1.2 billion euro this year
      Times that by 20 years and bingo
      If that money was spent on what it was raised for our water systems would be the best in the world
      Even if a fraction of that was used which is apparently 3 billion euro then we would not be sat here moaning
      Its time either VAT was reduced by 2% or immediately or 1.2 billion per year is set aside from government spending starting this year to upgrade our water
      and then we pay water charges.
      Meantime a refund of all that 2% stolen off people in illegal VAT going back to the day they upped it refunded to everyone that paid it for god how many years
      Its time people stood up and demanded this has to be rectified instead of just swallowing this bull shit

      1. Cian

        You clearly took the ‘we’re paying by our VAT!’ line and ran with it, but your figures and era are wrong.

        The VAT increase (and other taxation changes) in the mid 1990s that was done to correct the exchequer imbalance caused by removing charges – not to ‘pay for water’ was not the 21->23% one during the crisis which was done to try correct how destabilised our tax base had become under FF, reliant on irregular purchase taxes (stamp duty and VRT)

        At the time charging was moved back to direct, the exchequer was in massive deficit so wasn’t able to pay for it.

        As goes the submitting poster – yes, I at least do take you for an idiot. The water shortage isn’t the result of a few days heatwave but months of below average rainfall coupled with the odd extreme rainfall event, which are useless for replenishing supplies due to how little becomes ground water. If Irish Water didn’t put in restrictions and let taps run dry I’m sure you’d be rather annoyed then

    2. Giggidygoo

      Wouldn’t a couple of billion go a long way towards fixing the pipes? Oh wait – sure a couple of billion has already gone into setting up a company – that issued invoices, but had to refund amounts paid. Yet it’s still there, sucking the taxpayers dry.
      Noonan and Hogan have a lot to answer for.

  4. Huey Luas on the News

    If you’d paid for the damn stuff there might not be a shortage.

    But nah, let’s watch Putin’s World Cup on Sky Sports and pay for that instead.


    “Do they take us for complete idiots?”

    Self-incrimination evident.

        1. Cian

          Google finds this comment and a Journal comment about the Audis. Nothing else. I think some confusion with the (sponsored, zero cost to exchequer) cars for the EU presidency a few years ago.

    1. AFoxamongpidgeons

      the gaa is on sky sports… not a real sport.
      World cup is on RTE… paid by the licence fee

    2. dondon

      You never cease to amaze me Huey
      What runs this country?
      Who pays for everything?
      We pay with tax
      We pay for the public sector
      We pay for everything
      The government get approximately 60% of what is raised in this country in various taxes
      The fact successive governments did not put taxpayers money into something that taxes are raised for means successive governments have misappropriated our money
      If Irish water had spent the billions so far they have received from our taxes instead of logo’s audi’s water metres and utter bull shit we might just have less leaks
      But as usual big talk no action and lets screw the public for more
      Maybe this is a cunning plan of baldricks so they can introduce more charges extract more money while doing absolutely peck all regarding fixing the problem
      Meanwhile little Seamus now has to walk 2miles to a stand pipe in Offaly because it has not rained for a week

      1. Papi

        “Meanwhile little Seamus now has to walk 2miles to a stand pipe in Offaly because it has not rained for a week”
        Keep em coming, Julie, you’re gold, pure gold.

  5. baz

    I respectfully suggest that the housing estates where the residents were particularly aggressive towards Irish Water contractors while attempting to install meters be cut off while supplies are low and in order to have services restored they shall have to sit an exam incorporating selected physics, fluid dynamics, engineering infrastructure, capital expenditure budgeting and a few other rudimentary subjects which may enlighten them.

        1. dondon

          It seems to lead to upsetting American policy resulting on embargos
          Maybe they have a bay of pigs in Venezuela
          The USA have for decades destabilized all regimes they do not like
          So this contributes to Venezuela’s problems

    1. dondon

      Spoken like a true public sector recipient of taxpayers money
      Come work in the wealth generating private sector where if you cannot make a profit after paying obscene taxes and duties plus generate jobs you go bankrupt and loose everything
      And do not have defined gold played pensions and a golden handshake tax free when you retire pre 67 years old

      1. baz

        so many incorrect assumptions there dondon

        I’ve been a private sector employee and employer my entire working life, a compliant tax payer that paid my water charges, kids to feed and rear so could always do with some extra funds but am capable of understanding the costs involved in upgrading and servicing water infrastructure.
        I expect to be working well into my 70’s God willing, your obsession with pensions is pretty narcissistic, ever met the bores ‘enjoying’ their retirement?

    2. Ronán FitzGerald

      Maybe you should have to take an exam on Democracy and Civic before you are allowed to comment….

  6. dan

    according to the “news” article there ia sufficient water reserves for several weeks. so no shortage, just propaganda

    1. rep

      Indeed, let us not plan for any contingency until there is only sufficient water reserves for a few days. To do anything else is just propaganda.

        1. kellma

          Ah no, you can do your wee wees. Just don’t flush too much. ” If it’s yellow, let it mellow, if it’s brown, flush it down” etc..

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      We happen to be using July’s reserves in June – hence the conservation advice. That is all.

  7. sqoid

    Water is being used at a greater rate than it can be treated and distributed.
    There has also been 6 weeks of great weather with little interruption.

    1. Matt Fitzpatrick

      Yeah it’s not like we had solid rain since the last spell of nice weather a few weeks ago. We’re not used to this level of dry weather so it makes sense that our water infrastructure wasn’t built to cope with it. I just don’t get the hysteria.

  8. max

    In the last 8 weeks my water barrels went from 0 to about 80% capacity which after some quick math works out at about 2mm of rain on that Wednesday morning.

    Of course someone could just go up to blessington and take a picture, though of course they could be hiding it under the sea.

  9. Huey Luas on the News

    Wait! Could this mean a Holy Water shortage for Pope Frank in Knock and Dublin? This is getting serious.

    1. missred

      Maybe they’ve in fact hogged all the water for Franco to holy-ify it for sprinkling all over him and left us with none…

  10. Liam Deliverance

    A couple of points:

    If we had made no protest and just paid the charges we would still be here today discussing why we need to conserve water in this dry spell, in other words IW would have done nothing either way, they only want the money and to not spend it on upgrades. We will be fighting IW for ever and a day to put the money paid by consumer into the service.

    The leak figure of circa 45-50% has not changed much in the last 20 years, again they have done nothing to address that. If they were asking for a water charge for a state of the art water system that always worked, never had crypto-bowel catastrophe in it and had storage capacity for the dry spells then maybe. Currently 6 locations have boil water notices, so the water you have paid for is not fit for touching and for every E100 spent on water network, E40 odd gets pi$$ed away into the ground. What a way to do business.

    They spent E500,000,000 on water meters, smart water meters to be exact, do they not take data from them and identify the numpties with the pools and the children’s water parties and warn them to desist. The data from those meters is our data and should be released and shared in a transparent manner.

    1. Termagant

      Here listen now if you can do $ you can bally well do €

      I would have let you off but you just had to get flaithulach with the $s

      It’s just AltGr instead of Shift

    2. dondon

      Maybe all that took the refund should donate the money to Irish water ?
      Those water protesters were dam right
      Why do we as a nation have to put up with these incompetents
      Irish water must be disbanded as the HSE must and any non productive state agency

  11. Reidman

    Yes – ban golf! And while you’re at it better check they’re not irrigating Croker or landsdowne too, im sure you can come up with more Dinny. Great solution – think I’ll go play nine now – cheers.

  12. pok

    No rain -no water !
    No rain no grain = no barley no beer
    I can already sense a Guinness price increase

    1. dondon

      News for you its just happened all drinks suppliers raised their prices this week
      So a 10 cent increase across the board

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