This Has Everything


Cathal O’Rourke writes:

This BBC Spotlight thing was on the other night. Includes:

Environmental profiteering!
Dirty Ukrainian Money!
The Tories!
The DUP!
Brexit !

…and a cameo from Christopher Wylie (top), of Cambridge Analytica infamy, and  the FBI agent who brought down the Wolf of Wall Street

Stick the kettle on etc, and to the pitchforks afterwards.


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6 thoughts on “This Has Everything

  1. Kolmo

    This is gold! The more reactionary elements in the voting public were sold a pup – by those who shorted on the
    stock markets on the result of the’s going to be/is a catastrophe for GB and us too…

  2. paul

    because of the ‘this has everything’ line in the title, I can’t help but read the description in the voice of Peter Falk as the Grandfather from The Princess Bride.

  3. Ollie Cromwell

    So this BBC1 NI Spotlight ( everything after BBC 1 explains all you need to know ) biiiiiiiiig investigation has produced precisely ziltch.
    No follow-up stories in the papers,no big new leads just re-hashing the same old conspiracy theories that have left The Guardian and Andrew Adonis going mental with despair.
    Meanwhile the really big Brexit story today is unfolding in the Aussie press – British defence giant BAE Systems has won the tender to design and manage the construction of nine anti-submarine warships. The deal represents the biggest peacetime building programme in Australian naval history and is worth £20 billion. Boom…

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