RTÉ has announced two new original Irish “pre-school animation series” will premiere on RTÉjr next Monday.

Anne Lousie Foley writes:

Mya Go (top) is a first-time dip into pre-school animation for Dublin-based Piranha Bar. The series, totalling 104 episodes, is devised and directed by Irish director Alan Foley and co-produced with Spanish studio, Motion Pictures Entertainmen

And popular pre-school animation series The Day Henry Met (centre) will kick off its third season with a whole raft of new adventures for lovable four- year-old Henry. The Day Henry Met is produced by Dublin studio Wiggleywoo and directed by Gilly.

The Day Henry Met: Monday-Friday at 08.10 (repeated at 14.45) and Mya Go: Monday-Friday at 07.40 (repeated at 11.30) both from Monday 2nd July on RTÉjr.

2 thoughts on “Summer Draw

  1. mildred st. meadowlark

    The Day Henry Met is adorable. A big hit in our house in the mornings.

  2. shortforBob

    Beautiful animation, awful website. 2018 and they don’t have the expertise to put together a website without tediously long loading screens, which is desperate for a business where self marketing is so important.

    They also might reconsider using the phrase “Same Shit Different Species” on their site. I can only hope that they were so busy working on their animation they neglected to think through their website properly.

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