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A beautiful animation of an unusual story (that you can help complete).

Fergal Brennan writes:

As a documentary filmmaker, I’m always on the lookout for stories about the unusual in everyday life. A few years ago I recorded interviews with friends about strange part-time jobs they had had. I couldn’t believe my ears when my friend, Dee, told me her story.

When she was 19-years-old, she took a job sleeping in the same bed as an elderly man, who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The reason being to prevent him from injuring himself at night.

Having had no previous training for the job, she described its challenges with sincerity and compassion — her initial aversion to the situation, but also her growing empathy as she came to know Mr Goldsmith. Despite his struggle to communicate, the strong bond of love between this man and his wife was clear and poignant for Dee to see.

Dee’s incredibly honest story and emotive voice got an amazing reaction when I played it to friends — I needed to make this into a film!

Fast forward seven years, and that recording became the foundation of my film, which has led to the launching of a Kickstarter campaign to complete the story. The campaign launched this Tuesday, and finishes on December 14 [At Link below]. Thank you!

Sleepwatch (Kickstarter)

It’s back!


Film maker/animator Thomas Quain writes:

I’ve finally finished a second series of my animated webseries Poxy Bleedin’ Shop over the course of the pandemic and I’ve gotten some of Ireland’s best known comedians involved such as Karl Spain, Tadhg Hickey, Emma Doran and Bernard Casey as voice talent….

Poxy Bleedin’ Shop

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For Your Consideration.

The Hand Is The Mirror Of The Soul.

By Raphaël Bluzet, who writes:

You wrote an article about a film I made fa few years ago. I hope you’re well. Here is my latest animated music video…

More than 1400 drawings were made during 4 intense months of work. I am very proud to share this video clip which means a lot to me…

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‘The Council Workers’

Wait for it.

Noel Barrett, from Leopards on a Bike animation, writes:

We’re a small group of amateur animators from County Clare and we just finished this short comedy video about two lazy council workers in rural Ireland.

Everything in it is made out of paper and paint and random stuff like pebbles and Jay Cloths

In fairness.

Leopards on a Bike

‘Morning Glory’.

By Mark Fisher, who writes:

 I’m an independent animation director. I recently finished this short film (above) that I’ve debuted online this week.

It’s a zero budget DIY film made over 2 years in my spare time. It’s a labor of love, and after the hard work of making it, it’s now the hard work of getting it seen by people….

Mark Fisher