This morning.

Phoenix Park, Dublin 7

Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy, Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe, Lord Mayor of Dublin, Councillor Nial Ring and residents celebrate the ‘turning of the sod’ on the first phase of the Regeneration of O’Devaney Gardens Dublin.

A mere 10 years after removing all 285 householdss when the regeneration project was initially mooted and then scrapped.

Of the 600 new homes promised, 30 per cent will be social homes, and 20 per cent will be “ affordable” housing , it is claimed and hotly disputed,

Good times.

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32 thoughts on “Finally

  1. SOQ

    Given its location just up from Parkgate Street and right besides Phoenix Park, I wouldn’t be holding my breath for either social or affordable housing in that estate.

      1. Frilly Keane

        but not at the expense of wiping out traditional communities that have been there for over a century

        London proves you can have a mix of traditional and historic communities alongside urban redevelopments and gentrification what’ sits

        Grenfell aside,
        which was a tragedy totally in the hands of an uncaring Local Authority

        In the main, London is a great example of how mixed communities in a Capitol City can be achieved

        wiping out the North and South Inner-Cities of Dublin
        and Cork btw
        will do more damage to the Culture and Personality of the City than allowing more height to the quays and other locations within the Canals

        incidentially, Inner Cities always provided labour to the City and the Docks, so I don’t know why you would be so crude to imply that these communities are not workers, or not as productive as anyone Google etc might be trying to plamass

        1. Andrew

          I’m not talking about google employees. I’m talking about ordinary working class Irish people commuting for hours to get to a job.
          Spare the ‘traditional communities” and other such vague nonsense.
          This is sociology, apologist nonsense that actually keeps people in those ‘traditional communities’ down.

      1. Frilly Keane

        Don’t be a flaccid male sex organ

        These communities are notoriously houseproud and active volunteers in their areas

        Ask someone on Raglan Road to volunteer in a street tidy or with their local meals and wheels and you would be long getting told to eff off

        or even clean and decorate their own gaffs
        ara’ go ‘way ou’ dat

        1. SOQ

          The other side of that coin Frilly is that the neighbours on Infirmary Road and NCR were not sorry to see the back of some of that particular ‘community’.

          Some were grand and some were complete scumbags. In and out of the joy like a fiddlers elbow. I lived around that area for years btw.

          1. Frilly Keane

            ya know what
            Complete Scumbags
            can be found everywhere
            and from all backgrounds

            in my experience
            the posher the accent the bigger the scumbag

            a scumbag is a scumbag
            and will always be a scumbag
            there is no specific origin, breeding ground or DNA
            they can appear anywhere

          2. SOQ

            Yes well after waving bye bye to 3 cars, 2 of which resulted in prosecutions where location not under question, I am pretty sure that some places have more than others.

            The sad part was that the guards could actually predict increased levels of theft based on groups of release dates.

          3. Cu Cullan

            I worked there in a past life. I went in full of hope and I left thinking the best thing would be to dump the lot of them in the dump and just lave them there. Yes there were good people, but 99% had become completely hopeless- ‘ah, me light bulb is gone, the council will have to fix that..’ sad but true

  2. AssPants

    They will only be affordable to the very wealthy and the very experienced Social Welfare entrepreneur.

  3. Frilly Keane

    Sorry if this doesn’t suit some of yere bias
    but that O’Devaney site is in local authority ownership
    therefore ALL of it should be Social and Affordable units

    There are plenty perks and breaks for the private sector developers to make a buck by servicing the private homeowners markets

    1. Cian

      Agreed. But there is an on-going effort to mix social and non-social housing together to avoid ghettos. If a private developer is obliged to sell a percentage of his houses to the council for social housing – surely the reverse should happen too?

      1. Frilly Keane

        that whole thing needs to be revisited
        along with Re-Zoning and Contributions to the Local Authorities

        But I think we can all live side by side
        All Walks of Life

        granted some of us are more capable of acquiring properties to suit our needs and lifestyles
        but that doesn’t mean everyone else in our communities should be isolated away from the those that can

        my view is that there should be two types of (residential dwelling) property sale
        The Owner Occupier sale
        The Investment Property Sale

        And with different stamp duties, taxes, reliefs, conveyancing and regulations attached to each
        there is currently no real incentive to attract independent private landlords into the residential sector

        1. Cu Cullan

          Honestly, you would not want to live anywhere near that crew. That whole part of Dublin can’t be developed because of the criminal getto there. The crew on the old cattle market. Totally different. Mind their own business. Low crime. Everybody makes a living. You really have to experience it first hand. It is not within tolerable limits.

          1. Andrew

            They’ve been infantilised by decades of welfare patronage. Left wing ideologues who ‘know what’s best’ for them. This is a failure if you have multi-generational welfare dependency. It then becomes ‘learned’ and consigns them to this life.

  4. Peter Dempsey

    Yes Frilly, scumbags come from all classes. The difference is this: I condemn all – rich and poor. You make excuses for the poor and denigrate the rich.

    1. Frilly Keane

      ‘hadn’t noticed that now TBH

      Having said that I’ll definitely own up to standing by the less well off, the disadvantaged, the people that never got a chance, and generally those that don’t get a fair look in, if the occasion calls for it.
      And I’ll won’t apologise for that

  5. SOQ

    As will I Frilly but when some clown gets done two days out of the joy for my car, I would be having a fist up stuck his.

    Social depravity is a factor but at some stage people divide. It’s not good enough to just blame poverty. Personal responsibility plays a part. And from personal experience, I am certain that the rest of the community in that area were relived when O’Devaney disappeared. The children’s play area just inside the park was leash free pit-bull central ffs.

    And pretty sure some of the residents were delighted to get out of that hell hole too.

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