It Starts Here


Senator Joan Freeman at the Darkness To Light event for Pieta House

Oh, it’s on.


Sarah Bardon, in The Irish Times, reports:

Senator Joan Freeman is understood to be seeking a nomination to run for the office of president.

Ms Freeman, who is the founder of suicide charity Pieta House, has made contact with several Independent TDs and Senators in recent days to assess the level of support for a bid.

A number of TDs from the rural technical group confirmed they are willing to back Ms Freeman if she decides to enter the race.

Joan Freeman may be seeking nomination to run for presidency (The Irish Times)



Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland

18 thoughts on “It Starts Here

  1. Frilly Keane

    She will tagged the Fianna Fáil er in the race
    since she was their nomination into the Seanad

  2. bisted

    …the Presidential race would not be the same without at least one of the ‘entitlement’…a charity CEO…wonder will Fergus Finlay declare as an independant after several failures to get the labour nod…

    1. Frilly Keane

      Well he’s hardly still trying to dig out a Nomination from Labour when their lad is still in the gaff and hasn’t said whether he’s moving out

      TBF like

          1. Cian

            But the icing on the cake would be if she were elected, and then as president would have to sign off legislation allowing abortion.

            Am I a bad person?

          2. bisted

            …imagine if she had to sign off without a whimper on one of the most devisive pieces of legislation ever put before the people…

  3. Cu Cullan

    Why bother. What does she, or anyone, think that office is about.. she’d be better keeping up the good work. The Park is a sentence.

    1. Frilly Keane

      but at least she was classy
      throughout the campaign and in the loss
      not like the Blue Shurt Candidate Gay Mitchell
      who didn’t even top the tally from his own constituency boxes

      The highest DSC box emptied had him 3rd

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