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In RTÉ Radio One studio this afternoon

This afternoon.

On RTÉ Radio One’s News at One.

Presidential hopefuls Gavin Duffy, Peter Casey, Senator Joan Freeman and Sinn Féin MEP Liadh Ní Riada took part in a debate chaired by Áine Lawlor.

As a final question, Ms Lawlor asked each candidate why they chose to run for president – giving each of them 30 seconds to answer.

Peter Casey said:

“Going around Donegal, talking to the schools in Donegal, I asked them, I said ‘hands up who’s leaving Donegal when you get your Leaving Cert? Every hand in the room went up and I said how many of you see yourselves living in Donegal in ten years’ time. And only about two or three hands went up. That was really the moment that made me think: now we have to do something to stop the outflow of people from rural Ireland.”

Gavin Duffy said:

“It is a huge challenge to take on. But over the last two years, I was researching for a book, called The Ten Amendments: The Constitution, What Needs to Change. I don’t think people living in Ireland realise how much our society is changing. I welcome the change, it’s a very open and inclusive society. But I do think come the foundational events commemorations of 2021 and 2022, we need to have a dialogue and a discussion about what type of society, a more compassionate society we’d have at the start of the second 100 years of our freedom.”

Joan Freeman said:

“We’ve spent the last seven years focusing on building our economy but we have neglected the actual people of our country and I think we now need to turn the lens of the office, of the president, onto the people of our country and build up that heart and compassion for all.”

Liadh Ní Riada said:

“It was my decision because I think we’re at that time in our history where we can shape a new Ireland. I’m young, I’m energetic, I’m dynamic, I have the credentials and I want to lead the country into a new Ireland for a new president and that’s where I’m at. Because look, we can’t let history shape the next seven years we have to create our own and we certainly have the opportunity to make it a more inclusive and caring Ireland and we cannot afford to carry on having such poverty. We need to address all those things from a governmental point of view as well, not just community.”



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Sam Boal/Rollingnews

The Green Rebel podcast.

Emily O’Callaghan and Irina Dzhambazova meet Presidential candidate, Senator Joan Freeman, of Pieta House.

Emily writes

We we ask Joan her about her reasons behind running for President, we pose questions sent in by people on Facebook and Twitter and we take a deep dive into the socio-political issues facing Ireland today along with her potential solutions for them.

Senator Freeman was open and honest in her answers and provided an overview of her hopes for the future of this country.

The Green Rebel

President Higgins and Joan Freeman

Further to revelations of a hitherto unknown and unaudited annual Presidential allowance of €317,00…

Presidential candidate Joan Freeman writes::

“I’m shocked to hear that €317,000 of public money is paid every year without audit, without checks and without accountability.

I know of no other public money that is treated in this way, and to find people actually defending it is mind boggling.

On what possible grounds could you defend this level of secrecy?

As someone who has worked in the voluntary and charity sectors for years, I’m disappointed at the double standards in the way scrutiny is applied to public monies.

When we, rightly, demand openness, transparency and accountability of public spending, it behoves us to lead by example.

That is not the case here and we should be told what this budget is needed for, why it hasn’t been accounted for and why no-one bothered to ask questions until now.”


Yesterday: The President’s €317,000 Top-Up ‘Allowance

Senator Joan Freeman at the Darkness To Light event for Pieta House

Oh, it’s on.


Sarah Bardon, in The Irish Times, reports:

Senator Joan Freeman is understood to be seeking a nomination to run for the office of president.

Ms Freeman, who is the founder of suicide charity Pieta House, has made contact with several Independent TDs and Senators in recent days to assess the level of support for a bid.

A number of TDs from the rural technical group confirmed they are willing to back Ms Freeman if she decides to enter the race.

Joan Freeman may be seeking nomination to run for presidency (The Irish Times)



Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland