37 thoughts on “The Hammer Of The Gods Will Drive Our Ship To New Lands

  1. Andrew

    I’m amazed these vehicles are allowed on the road to be honest.
    That ‘splash’ tour is rubbish as well. Complete rip-off. but isn’t everything in Dublin now?

    1. Cian

      Ah now. I went on that about two years ago – and I thought it was brilliant. The driver was gas; and talked a whole load of interesting facts, with a few complete fabrications thrown in – it was brilliant. Its pricey, but I found that when we go abroad we pay stupid money on similar attractions there – so we may as well do it here too.
      5/5 would do it again.

      1. realPolithicks

        +1. I went on it a few years ago when my kids were younger and it was very entertaining, it was a bit pricey but no more so than here in Boston where they have the “Duck Boats” which is also pricey but worth the trip.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      I went when it was 17 quid – dunno what it costs now but it was fantastic. A real hoot, nice nosey around Grand Canal Dock plus I’m into military vehicles anyway. Had to go in disguise in case anyone I knew saw me. Did the London Duck for £12 and it was poo poo – the Thames was rotten and there was no banter.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        did you wear the hat and participate in the group “waaaa-heeeeey” at people standing at traffic lights?

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          Of course. When I’m in town nowadays I roar at them when they’re quietly stopped at the lights. They friggin’ love it.

  2. Diddles

    There’s a new fleet of splash bus boats in the making. These are restored WW2 Dukw’s

      1. Diddles

        After 75 years, a world war and ferrying 1000’s of overweight Americans around Dublin I think we can cut it some slack

        1. paul

          definitely :) one of Splash Tour Buses that has the most mechanical problems is the only one built by men.

  3. dhaughton99

    This is an opening for a traffic rant from today in Dublin.

    1: Outside the National treasury agency building, taking up a lane, here’s some idiot skating along on a longboard while looking at his phone while traffic behind him. Think its Seattle and your working for Google? Its not. It’s Dublin and you are going to hit a stone or a pothole. You are a dangerous idiot and some poor fool will loose their no claims bonus because they couldn’t brake in time with you lying on the road. And you look like a douche.

    2: Going along Sir John Robertson Quay and across the Beckett bridge, here’s some tool with half a bike attached to the back of his and an 8 year old on the back being dragged along at a 45 degree angle with his hands on his hips because he has nothing to hold on to. How the child didn’t come off the bike, I do not know. Then had the audacity to brake the red on the other side of the bridge. All in very heavy traffic. I really, really wanted to punch you in the mouth.

    Don’t get me started on electric scooters in bike lanes and on paths. You are an adult, act like it.

      1. mildred st meadowlark

        If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of uncontrollable weeping

  4. The Hosepipe Resistance

    Agreed. It’s about as Dublin Authentic as Imelda May.

    Dublin isn’t a Viking town, but a Celtic one.

    Using the word “Splash” is also deeply offensive to the oppressed Irish water user at this time.

        1. Papi

          This is true actually. The “Celts” we nowadays describe were an influence, albeit a very heavy one, on Irish culture, not an actual physical presence that could have changed our genetic make up. Sort of the way hip hop culture has influenced youth culture, without those kids ever having been to Compton or indeed met a person of colour. Had many arguments and explanation sessions about this, almost too many……

      1. The Hosepipe Resistance

        20+ years ago, but she’s a brit now. Hasn’t lived in De Liberties for decades. Her accent is tuned up for the Irish audience by sitting in Fusco’s on Meath Street for a few hours to remember what D8 was really like.

  5. Lilly

    I wanted to go on this and bring a few friends, but I read a review on TripAdvisor that mentioned an overwhelming smell of diesel so I gave it a miss.

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