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From top: Dr Gabriel Scally, who is leading the scoping inquiry into the CervicalCheck/HSE scandal; Vicky Phelan

This morning.

Dr Gabriel Scally, who is leading the scoping inquiry into CervicalCheck’s screening programme has released a statement to say it “appears” that he now has access to files pertaining to his inquiry.

Yesterday, Limerick mum-of-two Vicky Phelan told Miriam O’Callaghan, on Today With Sean O’Rourke, that she had been speaking to Dr Scally and he was waiting on 2,000 files from the HSE.

Dr Scally has just released a statement, saying:

“As of today, it appears we now have access to documentation being provided to us by the HSE in a searchable format and with all redactions, apart from those relating to patient confidentiality, removed.

“We’re now checking this for completeness. This is a very welcome progress and will assist us in moving forward with our inquiry in a more time-efficient manner, I would like to acknowledge the co-operation of all HSE staff who have assisted in making this information available.”

Ms Phelan was recently awarded €2.5 million in a settlement against Clinical Pathology Laboratories in Austin, Texas – which receives outsourced smear tests from Ireland.

She was given a false negative smear test in 2011 and subsequently diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2014.

She was only informed of the 2011 misdiagnosis last year.

Ms Phelan now has terminal cancer.

Yesterday, she told Ms O’Callaghan:

We’re still delay, deny, defend. And I spoke to Gabriel Scally earlier and he said he’s still being delayed with information. He’s waiting on 2,000 files. And everything is being put through lawyers. Why is that happening? I mean if they’re putting everything through their lawyers, there has to be a reason for that?

“And it’s heavily redacted so there is still a delay with this and it’s scandalous at this stage that we’re still no nearer the truth, how many months down the line.”

Yesterday, it emerged the number of cases involved in the CervicalCheck scandal has risen by 12 from 209 to 221, while the number of legal cases has risen to 35.

CervicalCheck scoping inquiry gets HSE files ‘in a searchable format’ (Irish Examiner)

Yesterday: Delay, Delay, Delay

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8 thoughts on “Unredacted And Searchable

  1. dav

    I see they are using the baldy noonan play book – drag the dying women through the legal system, hope they die before answers are given… bravo blushirts, bravo

  2. rotide

    do people expect the HSE to be able to produce thousands of specific documents, check them and redact them for privacy in a matter of weeks?

    I’m still unsure as to what blame is being attributed to the HSE in all this. The woman sued the American lab and won. what fault sure the HSE bear here?

    1. Cian

      …possibly the issue is that the Minister made promises that the HSE can’t keep – namely that the information and retesting of 2000+ samples would happen within 4 weeks’

    2. Ron

      Vicky Phelan summarises it quite nicely.

      Everything is being put through lawyers.

      “They have a whole legal team in there looking at everything before they will pass it on to [Dr Gabriel Scally], before they will pass on the files to the women who are looking for them to take their court cases.
      “Everything is heavily redacted that Gabriel is getting.

      “What are they trying to hide at this stage? That is my question.”

      1. andy

        And it’s answered in Scally’s memo.

        they’re redacting (i.e. hiding) patient personal identification information.

        1. Ron

          are they yeah? Are you involved in what’s been passed on? If you are fair play, if your not then sit down and STFU

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