Oldschool On Young Shoulders


The Green Rebel podcast.

Hosts Emily O’Callaghan and Irina Dzhambazova meet actor Leah Minto (top), currently starring in Dublin Oldsch​ool (2018), which opened last week in Irish cinemas to rapturous acclaim.

​Emily writes:

Leah lived for three years in Norway before returning back to Dublin two years ago. Now she is about to embark on another journey to attend the Oxford School of Drama in Autumn,

During our chat, we ​talk about creativity, acting, ​the Irish ​drink culture, mental health, ​the artistic unsteady and unpredictable work and its more conventional counterpart: the more predictable office ​work​.

Both Leah and her sister Jess, lead singer in the music group Barq have opted for the artistic path. Recorded just before the Pride Parade, we also touch on ​key societal ​issues in Ireland and how their treatment differs immensely to places such as ​​Norway….

The Green Rebel

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      1. Cu Cullan

        Series one was developed by John Yorke, ex head of BBC returning series. Then the local yokels took over. Say no more.

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