12 thoughts on “Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

    1. mildred st meadowlark

      So much bitterness dav. Did your invite get lost in the post?

      Mine did. I went to the beach instead and got drunk on cider like a classy burd.

    2. Anomanomanom

      Dav, literally around the corner, so still that area, are people who are as far from hipster as you could get.

  1. dav

    Did you end up with a durty kebab? and yess I wasn’t invited, but it’s not bitter.. it’s stout as my rotund appearance and destroyed toilet bowl attests to..

    1. mildred st meadowlark


      Next year we’ll head up to Bettystown and go on the amusements and eat NO kebabs at all.

  2. john f

    It’s nice to see people putting common unity back in community. Fair play to all involved.

    1. Martin Spink

      I live around the corner and me and my bird were goin past and we went to join in with a can, mindin our own business and this one asked if we were residents on the street and i said no we live on south circular and she says the party is only for residents and that we had to leave. we weren’t bein any hassle at all and the way she says it, was really like she wishes the laws were different but thats how it is, sorreeeeeee, kinda buzz.

      1. Tony

        Proper order for a street party if you don’t live on the street or know the people in fairness. And she was nice to you too. Class

        1. Martin Spink

          it’s a street. It’s literally public by definition. we were leaning against a railing talking to each other. and she was faux nice.

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