5 thoughts on “Parched

  1. dav

    With the on-going fodder crisis and this drought, the Dept of Agriculture needs to look at the size of the national; herd and the possible need for a culling. With the removal of milk quotas for example has seen a huge increase in dairy cows that cannot be fed if there is a sustained period of bad weather..

  2. shitferbrains

    Maybe someone could contact the DF in the Curragh ? They’re usually keen to be seen helping out and it shouldn’t be too difficult for them to organise a water bowser.

  3. roscaf

    There are a number of wells on the plains for watering the sheep. I would be more concerned about the provision of feed for them.

  4. Sheik Yahbouti

    I notice these sheep have been very recently shorn. Why are their needs not being met.

    1. Rob_G

      Why do you think their needs aren’t being met? None of those sheep look too skinny; I don’t think that the author of this piece has a clue what they are talking about.

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